Plateau of Flea Market app market, future challenges "healthy buying and selling of the way"

Among the spread of smartphone progresses, more interaction between individuals has become possible to easily. This is the same in the business, it is easily taken for buying and selling goods "Flea Market app market" has also entered the era of number of powerful. But whereas the, not be guaranteed in reliability, also it's reality is many opportunities that lead to trouble.

■ from "C2C", safer "C2B2C" to

As anxiety point of individual transactions, and haunts the more I sure as saying of that risk of fraud. Or was fake to paid much trouble expensive, also multiple cases, such as do not receive the goods, that it is easy to face the trouble than transactions with shops can not be denied. Now that expanding in the C2C business "plateau sense" is occurring, that are newly attention, but consignment service online (C2B2C). In ORICON STYLE, and run the application "RECLO" that can consignment the brands of high-priced, dared coverage to active sonar Aoki Yasushi-ji president, was asked about the "healthy buying and selling of way" on the net.

"RECLO (land)" is, just send the goods by obtaining a home delivery kit, authenticity judgment and pricing of branded goods, photography, online consignment service who will take over until the exhibition. As we Aoki president begin the same service, but I sometimes tried some the "Flea Market app, honest, I myself did not Hama-ra. Because, interact with the shooting and buyer of goods, all to further mailing it is not a do? to me do could not it. that is, it was not a possible enough "free time". it never is not Na and that only I feel. the thing spend time in Flea Market until there because you can be who has been limited ", it says the views of the existing flea market app.

"To Sumahoapuri market" of Looming as a major problem, it's the safety of goods. If "leading brand products, those high even if the bag even if the wallet largely to 100,000 around. But, What products are exhibited in the Flea Market app, also be in good condition is ¥ 10,000 before and after 'm often. how much is a cheap too as a second-hand goods, of course by is fake that do. Nakaniwa I only price to me to determine whether or. or only genuine written nonchalance Nante ○○ style. and close to the "market maybe when I real wonder Na "Tteyuu. is this, it always had me limit between individuals by .C2C business to expand and whether it is a normal as a form of buying and selling, I always there wanted to become a problem . Well, to be able to shop with confidence, and their Let's make it if it was it did not. in Japan when it was thought me Kke've got me C2 services that are not taken the time?! "said

Although transactions between individuals came to allow smoothly due to the spread of smartphones, so far should have been in normal, appropriate for "peace of mind" and "safety" has become at once sparse and there. C2C business of rebounding that's inevitable Aoki president to opinion. "Seller also buyers also, if neither an expert, is really the proper cost? The and fear of flea market market that it may I believe the words of the other party, is that they do not know the price. The peace of mind can be C2 service. there is I wanted to closely presented "

■ The user has the right to know the "original price"

"RECLO" the only online consignment that does not have a stock, can be expensive reduction to the exhibitor (seller) as compared to the existing purchase of skill in the art. That exhibitor can receive up to 70% of the highest bid. "For example, as there is a business card holder of ¥ 35,000 a new article, it is based also on the situation, you can sell it even if you are to some extent used in about ¥ 20,000. So, when we have this in common pawn's , "the audience, or came for the first time?" and it is always asked, losing it if I said, "is the first time" (laughs). flow because I want to purchase cheap because they bear the inventory risk, after all that purchase at 4000 yen to sounding result. But, we are instead of not piggybacked the inventory risk, me or why not this been raised in the more happy towards the seller you were satisfied. as business even purchase at ¥ 10,000 or more "

For end users was close to the black box, "secondhand market price". In "RECLO", as "simple assessment", if specified product photo and use the number of years, and immediately assess the sales price and the purchase price in 24 hours. Of goods with each user each, can you present a "fair price" at the current situation. "In the industry that was outdated, it has not been netted so far. There was thought that there is significance to the net reduction. In addition, even for traditional pre-sale shop san, sales channels that deal is struck items to making it also. so, never I do not hostile relationship (laughs). in addition, since you can based on mapping the data also "simple assessment" as our company, "Where there is a thing, you want Who what or? "Because you can more visualization".

In the past, speaking of the purchase of second-hand goods, budding somewhere guilty feelings, "as is said" the purchase skilled in the art was always. But, precisely because now that flea market app market has spread so far by C2C, clearly presenting the reasonable price, the emergence of healthy consignment would certainly say that necessity. Current "RECLO" is, rapid growth in the number of exhibitions per month online consignment of 2000-3000 and the nation's largest. Is partnered with news app "Gunosy" from December, to sell at up to 90% the brands on Gunoshi "RECLO channel", was established the "FLIP channel" to sell goods and goods in time sales of 48 hours limited .

If we are aware of the "original market, might also have. Some people go on a trip in the family who is to add the cost of living Some people buy a new brand or subsequent gold. True of the market to users of everyone so that I am aware of the price, "such a thing or ..." and instead of disappointed, I want you to in motivation to the next fun "(Aoki president)


 個人間取引の不安点として、詐欺のリスクというのは必ずといっていい程つきまとう。せっかく高額を支払ったにニセモノだったり、商品が届かないなどのケースも多発、お店との取引よりトラブルに直面しやすいことは否定できない。拡大するC2Cビジネスで“頭打ち感”が生じている今、新たに注目されているのが、オンラインによる委託販売サービス(C2B2C)だ。ORICON STYLEでは、高価格帯のブランド品を委託販売できるアプリ『RECLO』を運営する、アクティブソナー・青木康時社長に取材を敢行、ネット上での“健全な売買のあり方”について聞いてみた。

 『RECLO(リクロ)』は、宅配キットを取り寄せて商品を送るだけで、ブランド品の真贋判定や値付け、撮影、出品までを肩代わりしてくれるオンライン委託販売サービス。青木社長は同サービスを始めるにあたり、「フリマアプリを幾つか試したことがあるんですけど、正直、自分自身がハマらなかったんです。なぜなら、商品の撮影や買い手とのやりとり、さらに郵送まで全部やるじゃないですか? 僕にはそれが出来なかった。つまりは、それが出来る程“ヒマ”では無かった。これは決して僕だけが感じることではないなと。そこまでフリマに時間を割くことが出来る方は限られていますから」と、既存のフリマアプリへの見解を語る。

 “スマホアプリ市場に”大きな問題として立ちはだかるのは、商品の安全性だ。「一流のブランド品ならば、大体財布にしてもバッグにしても高いものは10万前後はします。 でも、フリマアプリに出品されている商品って、状態の良いものでも1万円前後が多いですよ。いくら中古品としても安過ぎで、当然ニセモノなんですよ。なかには○○風なんて平然と書かれていたり。唯一本物かどうかを判断するのって値段しかないんです。『相場に近かったら多分本物だろうな』っていう。これって、売買の形として正常なのかと。C2Cビジネスが拡大することで個人間の限界って必ずあって、必ずそこが問題になってくると思ったんです。じゃあ、安心して買い物が出来て、かつ時間を取られないC2サービスってあるんだっけ?って考えたときに日本にはなかった。だったら自分たち作ろう! と」

 スマホの普及により個人間の取引が円滑に行えるようにはなったが、これまで普通にあったはずの、あって然るべきの“安心”や“安全”が一気に希薄になってしまった。C2Cビジネスのゆり戻しは必然だと青木社長は意見する。「売り手も買い手も、どちらも専門家ではないなら、本当にその値段が適正価格なのか?そして相手の言葉を信じてよいのか、 ということが分からないのがフリマ市場の怖さです。安心できるC2サービス。そこはきっちりと提示したかったんです」






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