Illusion of "Mac is strong in virus"

In your office, do you have allowed the use of Mac. If '10 ago it was not considered such as the environment in which Mac and Windows are mixed. For Windows as a matter of course the so-called business applications, I it was Mac and toys treats that do not work (and to use at work the Mac did about site design system).

However, in the now most of the work for the app is now available from the Web browser. Have more chance to see the presentation by Mac in coverage of major companies. So, what is the thing that should be noted on using the Mac in the business? It might be "Update of knowledge".

● Mac is strong to the virus?

October 2014, Russian security company Doctor Web, found a new form of malware to infect Mac OS X (reference article). In Fortunately does not seem to be infection reported in Japan, "Mac infected not to virus" Speaking blurb to no longer has become of (strictly a thing of the past, such as, the representation of Apple to the virus "of PC" "it was not infected. "in short it is possible that it is not infected with a virus that was aimed at Windows, it also has been withdrawn in 2012).

Why, what was believed Mac is not infected with a virus. Because Mac is strong in security? No, the biggest reason rather because he did not sell as compared to Windows with a large share. Also human attacker, but it is good there are many subjects to be targeted if hang the same effort, is that when viewed from the criminals "because Mac was not attractive."

But, it is an old story. In the now enough to be called "When I go to Starbucks everyone spread the MacBook Air has been" Doyaringu "". In addition, the more advanced user who switched to Mac at an early stage, there is also likely to be conceited that it "okay rather put if the security software Mac". If such a situation, I wonder also to appear malware to aim the Mac.

● latest threat is coming to a new OS

There is no self-infectivity in this time discovered malware, I am found that the downloading of pirated business application such as Microsoft Office to infection by chance. In other words, should not be a problem as long as observe the basic rules of "suspicious software does not install" (what to do to determine the "suspicious" is but is a difficult problem).

And is taken for granted, but it is necessary in order to use a "new" device, such as a Mac in business that you install the security software. And is that you know the fact that "any threat to the device is imminent immediately until there".

This not only information cis, must be kept thinking by the user individual. People who are convinced "safe because there is no Mac So virus" brought the Mac in the office what will be the prey of looking for the attacker. They devised a variety of attacks. Employees you might aim for Mac that lead to business system in the springboard the iPhone and iPad that are used in private.

The 2015 spring Apple Watch also appeared. Information system department of personnel, is the future even more, likely of such should not spread around the antenna to the latest trends in the various devices that bring employees.


 ところが、いまでは業務用アプリのほとんどがWebブラウザから使えるようになりました。大手企業の取材でもMacによるプレゼンテーションを見る機会が増えました。では、Macを業務で使う上で注意すべきことは何でしょうか? それは「知識のアップデート」かもしれません。


 2014年10月、ロシアのセキュリティ企業Doctor Webが、Mac OS Xに感染する新手のマルウェアを発見しました(参考記事)。幸いにして日本での感染報告はないようですが、「Macはウイルスに感染しない」といった宣伝文句はもはや過去のものとなりました(厳密にいえば、アップルの表現は「“PCの”ウイルスには感染しない」でした。ようするにWindowsを狙ったウイルスには感染しないということで、それも2012年に撤回しています)。

 なぜ、Macはウイルスに感染しないと信じられていたのでしょうか。Macがセキュリティに強いから? いやいや、むしろ最大の理由は大きなシェアを持つWindowsと比べて売れていなかったからです。攻撃者も人間、同じ労力をかけるのならば標的となる対象が多い方がいいわけで、犯罪者から見ると「Macは魅力的ではなかったから」ということです。

 でも、それは昔の話。いまでは「スタバに行くとみんなMacBook Airを広げて“ドヤリング”している」といわれるほど。また、早い段階でMacに乗り換えた先進的なユーザーほど、「Macならセキュリティソフトは入れなくて大丈夫」という慢心している可能性もあります。このような状況であれば、Macを狙うマルウェアが登場するのもうなずけますね。


 今回発見されたマルウェアには自己感染力がなく、Microsoft Officeなど海賊版の業務アプリのダウンロードがきっかけで感染することが分かっています。つまり、「怪しいソフトはインストールしない」という基本ルールを守っていれば問題ないはず(「怪しい」をどう判断するべきかは難しい問題ですが)。



 2015年春にはApple Watchも登場します。情報システム部門の担当者は、今後一層、社員が持ち込むさまざまなデバイスの最新動向にアンテナを張り巡らさないといけなさそうです。

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