Business-focused SNS market, signs of melee on Facebook entry

It is reported that the [AFP = current affairs] the test operation of the exchange site (SNS) office for SNS the US face book of the largest (Facebook) is referred to as the "Facebook at Work (Facebook at Work)" is doing in secret the 17th, which is, stock prices of business-focused SNS biggest rice LinkedIn (LinkedIn) was plunged ──.

US Face book, or in the development office for SNS

For movement of the face book, "At first glance, it seems the are migrating from a pure service consumer to enterprise service Google (Google) as Face book is to follow, but its range is unknown," said research firm analyst of Forrester research (Forrester Research), Rob Kopurobittsu (Rob Koplowitz) said.

According to the well-know information of muscle a project that is led by a team of UK London (London), currently being tested operate in some of the real industry "Facebook at Work" is published in the next few months that may be.

In the "Facebook at Work", but "news feed" or "messenger" such as existing features have been directly taken over, only because it is limited to use in business, other SNS account of individual users activities and information and is not shared.

1.3 billion 50 million business specialized version of Facebook there are monthly active users in the world, other services that have established a position in this field, business chat of US Cisco Systems (Cisco) "jabber (Jabber)" , the same for IBM's enterprise social software "IBM connection (IBM Connections)" and Microsoft (Microsoft) "Yama (Yammer)", for such as office tools that Google has to offer and will be a threat.

Among them, for Facebook, become the first target it's preceding link-in-. Link-in-the job or jobs, will lead on the work for the purpose of including a career, but typical presence of business-focused SNS to develop.

A clear distinction between the general type SNS providing data from, viewing history "targeting advertisements" to deliver the advertisements similar to the user's interests, and if that can improve the productivity of the employee SNS, will the companies that want also to use as it is even if a fee exists.

Ever On Face book, concern about the handling of personal information, experts and was supposed to contribute to alienate use in business will be pointed out.

IT analyst of Silicon Valley research firm Enderle Group (Silicon Valley) (Enderle Group), Mr. Rob Enderle (Rob Enderle) is, "with respect to privacy, there is a distrust Facebook. Business to privacy issues very sensitive. When face book is to expand the business-focused SNS is, it is commented that "issues to be addressed abound.

【AFP=時事】交流サイト(SNS)最大手の米フェイスブック(Facebook)が「フェイスブック・アット・ワーク(Facebook at Work)」と呼ばれるオフィス向けSNSの試験運用を秘密裏に行っていると報じられた17日、ビジネス特化型SNS最大手の米リンクトイン(LinkedIn)の株価は急落した──。


 このフェイスブックの動きについて、「一見、純粋な消費者向けのサービスから企業サービスへ移行しているグーグル(Google)をフェイスブックが追随しているように見えるが、その範囲は未知数」と調査会社フォレスター・リサーチ(Forrester Research)のアナリスト、ロブ・コプロビッツ(Rob Koplowitz)氏は述べる。



 世界で13億5000万人の月間アクティブユーザーがいるフェイスブックのビジネス特化版は、この分野で地位を確立している他のサービス、米シスコシステムズ(Cisco)のビジネスチャット「ジャバー(Jabber)」、IBMの企業向けソーシャルソフト「IBMコネクション(IBM Connections)」やマイクロソフト(Microsoft)の同「ヤマー(Yammer)」、グーグルが提供しているオフィス向けツールなどにとっては脅威となるだろう。




 シリコンバレー(Silicon Valley)の調査会社エンダール・グループ(Enderle Group)のITアナリスト、ロブ・エンダール(Rob Enderle)氏は、「プライバシーに関しては、フェイスブックに対する不信感がある。ビジネスはプライバシーの問題には非常に敏感だ。フェイスブックがビジネス特化型SNSを展開するにあたっては、対処すべき課題が山積している」とコメントしている。

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