App developers Soppo to Google glass, bad received consumer "niche"

US Google's net connection possible eyeglass-type terminal "Google Glass" is losing the support of some app developers. From the perspective of the socially more acceptable than the glass that is controversial, developers to focus, such as the smart watch of a wristwatch-type terminal is increasing.

According to the officials of the simple blog site "Twitter", the company a month ago, and quit the development of glass for the app, other wearable such as Google's smart watch (can be mounted) basic software for terminal (OS) "Android Wear (it was decided to focus on the development of Android-ware) "for app.

Adriana Bekkiori, who developed the app "" that can record for location simply by taking pictures of things in Google Glass, speak to have less time to spend in the same app. You can show a sense of resistance to the mounting of the glass, that because many people or a negative reaction to the person you are wearing. Casually or take pictures without, because you can you can shoot video, have come also concerns about privacy.

Bekkiori said "is annoying to mount the technology to face" talk. In the future, that are expected to become to be "inconspicuous more".

Doubt on the future of the glass is caused by these developers away. Glass is Google's co-founder, Mr. Sergey Brin was announced in 2012. Price is 1500 dollars (about 173,500 yen), is currently being sold primarily for people who quickly take advantage of the new technology, including the developers.

16 Shachu 9 companies app development censoring

Brin is released for general consumer had talked with in 2014, it is in postponed to 2015.

According to the place where Reuters reported on the 14th, that nine out of developers 16 companies of glass the company has contact has aborted the development of glass for app.

US research firm IDC Mobile Technology analyst, John Jackson is not a product like a big hit to the "consumer. On the high price, socially not fully accepted, even I not good enough look and the niche's "for, speak with you" and over a period that would seen nerd Ppoku ".

Developers initially showed a strong interest in glass by new technology platform has the potential comparable to the smartphone. However, not acceptable to the consumer and it is understood and that began to play the hand from development. "Developers prefer the latest technology, but they important for eventually, whether it its terminal is used many units," said Jackson said.

Google spokesman about this situation was said to be "wearable, are especially reassured business opportunities Glass brings".


 簡易ブログサイト「ツイッター」の関係者によると、同社は1カ月前、グラス向けアプリの開発をやめ、グーグルのスマートウオッチなど他のウエアラブル(装着可能な)端末向け基本ソフト(OS)「Android Wear(アンドロイド・ウエア)」向けアプリの開発に注力することを決めた。










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