Facebook「メッセンジャー 5億人突破



Tips --MAU5 billion people break through to use more convenient and fun the Facebook "Messenger" app

Facebook is November 11, announced that the messaging app monthly active user numbers of the "Messenger" (MAU) has exceeded 500 million. According to the company's first quarter earnings announcement materials, MAU at the end of March was 200 million people. Abolition of the message function in Facebook app in late July can be seen as the one you rapid growth from that became a certainty.

For MAU5 billion people break through, Facebook Japan corporation was able to catch the fact that ask them using the "many people. Future, while worrying about the quality of the product, such as stability and function, to understand the user of how to use were to be going "subjected to improvements that matches it.

In addition to the text in Messenger, videos and photos, in addition to files such as PDF can be exchanged between the user, group chat and allows free voice calls. In addition, many of the "stamp" with different flavor and LINE also a feature. In September, it was published in Japan ahead of function that you can use the stamp also in the comments of Facebook posts to the world.

Popular stamp top 10 types in Japan
Stamp has been added is new at a pace of once a week. According to the Facebook Japan corporation, selection criteria of the stamp "in the region of the world, those that can be used to enjoy a lot of people". On the contract and production partner of the stamp, and some of the countries limited. Sent stamp but can be viewed also users of other countries, it can not be downloaded.

Was the first place in the ranking, which was announced in September as "Japanese popular stamp in", was of French bulldog character "Maguji". While ranking is not subsequently released, because the new stamps are added one after another, it's now likely to also be different result.

It should be noted that in the future, you can sell and pay stamp, that the user does not plan to expand or a service such as "LINE Creators Market" that can be sold to own the original stamp.

Tips to use fun the Messenger more convenient

Still seems to be not well known to the user, will be summarized the technique in the use of Messenger.

[1] to check the movement of long press stamp

Then stamp the Long tap (press and hold), is displayed in the center of the screen stamp will be enlarged, some of the movement can be seen that motion. If is slid a finger, can be directly also expanding other stamp. After long press is even if you take your finger stamp is not sent.

Screen during stamp of Long tap
[2] voice memo

The anniversary, such as birthday, is pleased to be send to put to voice the thoughts that can not be told the only text in the voice memo seems to h. While tap the Record button blowing a message, it is sent automatically when you release your finger. Of course, I use the call function, but there is an advantage that can be played at any time if voice memo.

While you tap, it is recorded
[3] image confirmation

When you tap the "Photos" from the chat screen upper right corner of the Information button, you can list the image that you interact with that person in the past.

You can list if tap the upper right
[4] to change the cover image of the group chat

Group chat can change the name and the cover image. Not only at the time of group creation, it's can be changed even after it is created.






 なお今後も、有料スタンプを販売したり、ユーザーがオリジナルスタンプを自作し販売できる「LINE Creators Market」のようなサービスを展開したりする予定はないという。











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