隆盛スマホゲーム  その歴史と現実は?


隆盛スマホゲーム  その歴史と現実は?

隆盛スマホゲーム  その歴史と現実は?
Prosperity Sumahogemu its history and reality?

Sales of about 880% over the previous year - November 7, 2014, mixi, which operates a social network service "mixi" announced the quarterly consolidated results of. But, surprise of voice uncannily from the market in this figure did not rise. Already, because the number of downloads extension of Sumahogemu "Monster Strike" to lead this strong performance had been told.

Performance of SNS "mixi" that the world by storm a few years ago is not wielded as ever even now. On the other hand 2013 "monster Strike" was released later in the fall, stock prices of mixi continued to stop high, finally market capitalization ballooned up to 450 billion yen to be a beginning of more than 20 times. Mixi was even 100 billion yen stand a market capitalization immediately after the listing. One of the game between only one year, he a "mixi" which became until a social phenomenon has created a value far in excess.

As in this "monster Strike", the one of the game alter rattle the performance of companies, it is not uncommon anymore in the world of Sumahogemu. For example, the Gung Ho, which was released a popular app "Puzzle & Dragons", in a year of 2012, operating income has ballooned to eight times close to the previous year. Market capitalization is more April of the following year is to reach 1 trillion yen, I called a big topic. In the other, KLab and that the performance was V-shaped recovery in the music game "Love Live", such as like the GUMI that TSE First Section was announced the other day, performance is greatly in a short period of time by the enormous profits to bring the game department has changed.

Why this much Sumahogemu lucrative. And heck, or industry of the that appeared in what holds. Not the day you do not want to see in now TV CM, Let tease the history of this game genre.

Whether Sumahogemu of Japan came from where

That was the prototype of the game who called Sumahogemu, it is has been played in a previous smart phone "social games". Became and its revolutionary will, appeared of the Glee of SNS operators from the second half of 2010 went gimmick in earnest, social game play is centered on card collection (hereinafter referred to as "card type") is.

Often, what is talked about as the origin of the history of social games, but such as "Mafia Wars" and "Farm Ville" of Japanese reading (Zynga) that the game company that has been prevalent in Facebook to around 2009. Certainly in the Japan of the dawn, such as user named influenced by these "Kaito Royale" is grow their own fields of games and "farm Hokkorina" compete for treasure game has become a hot topic. The name "social game" is with respect to the accompanying billing game to SNS was Tsukawaredashi in Japan also, it is from this time. However, here, referred to as "play by collecting Card", there is no definitive features of a social game later.

In hell, whether it came from where -. The first game, has been referred to as the "Dragon Collection" that Konami has issued in September 2010. However, most of the where-used that technique, actually in the world of "Avatar service" which has made its own development in Japan, had just those already had been tried long.

The avatar service and is created on the Internet, "virtual space" is a service to play to own their characters that the user called avatars. Service "Hangame" of NHN Japan was the largest in this field in the 2000s, provides a game using the avatar to the user in the basic free, the revenue from billing to items such as clothing and weapons used by the avatar obtained had. Align the rare items in the lottery of expensive billing and "Konpugacha", to create a new item and avatar by coalescence of two items include "synthetic", refinement of the technique to link this to the revenue had begun. In fact, before DeNA and GREE also full-scale entry into the social game, we have been avatar service, such as "Mobage Town" and "Kurinoppe". Ties with Hangame about the game but was not strong, these techniques are not in any way that operators such as Glee has invented all in one night.

At that time, from technique Hangame is the prototype of the current social games, has not been disclosed to or had gained much of the profit. However, Japan's listed companies such as Gree and DeNA is, when this was developed in conjunction with the full-fledged game at that time of the mobile phone, the height of its profitability became clear within immediately. For example, glee from around the end of 2010 by changing cut most of the self-developed game "card type", CM of idol group TOKIO is going to launch a stretch offensive, etc. became the topic "Dorirando". As a result, market capitalization was more than a temporary 600 billion yen.

Dissemination of powerful business model that this "card type" what is, is a factor that history was dictated subsequent social game. At that time, also said that profit margin is 40% with 50%, many of the net operators wearing an eye on the height of its profit margin. Under the influence of the Lehman shock at the time, advertising revenue that has supported the web business until it was a time to continue to decline. So, they are had been participating in the social game in this "card type".

"Pazudora" as a symbol of the smartphone transition

As a platform for placing the social game, Gree and DeNA flourish. Not only those of our own development, other companies and games and that was jointly developed, it is of went put such also actively competitors of the original game. In addition, from this time, even now spate of social game of the famous manga and anime, social game in a corner of when deploying content in multiple media began to sit.

Its the middle to happened is, is was widely reported in the mass media "Konpugacha" problem. Consumer Agency has questioned the "Konpugacha" an increase in complaints and inquiries to the background of the high claim, he is in May 2012 came out a formal opinion of the Premiums and Representations Act violation. However, even at the closing briefing of DeNA and GREE at the time, it is not the estimated increase its influence. Led to DeNA announced significant sales and profit growth at the closing of immediately after, it was maintained still sales and profit growth in the next quarterly results.

However, presence of Gree and DeNA from this time is fading big. Big shift had occurred in the industrial structure level in this period - ie, because the migration of the mobile phone to smartphone began.

Platform operators in the Internet browser of Glee and DeNA is, we are deprived of new customers to the app store, such as the App Store and Android Market smartphone operators. On the other hand, in order to allow the game with high expressive power in app expertise existing gaming industry has accumulated began to say things. Thereby, room for developers and maker of the game industry born to play an active role was greatly expanded.

This forces to symbolize the change of the map, which is a popular online game "Ragnarok Online" Gung Ho apps that we have worked on such as "Puzzle & Dragons". After the advent of February 2012, in the midst of criticism of Glee and DeNA gather in Konpugacha problem, this game is going to rapidly gained popularity. The following year in 2013 the market capitalization of Gung Ho was more than 1 trillion yen. What is just one development company Gung Ho is than had pulled far the market capitalization of the platform operators such as Gree and DeNA. On the other hand, for example glee but was going to actively the original games development of rich route to this time, noticeable hit could not get one also.

Advanced game property and enrichment

Sometimes operators hated the notoriety that went from this time to the designation of "social game", was increasingly referred to as Sumahogemu. However, the basic skeleton remains of the era of the "card type" to raise revenue in the Free-to-play. But, that "Pazudora" has taken the game element in the battle of the "card type", had a great impact on the current flow.

The first place, and how does that game is the "card type". The basic pattern is, while fostering the of his hand of characters who card, is that going down one after another the enemy coming appeared in the dungeon of a single road. Flexible move or branch, such as in the home for the game, almost no. Therefore, once the social game had been ridiculed as "Pochipochige". It is because the flow Press Pochipochi intently button the text of the scene that the enemy appeared to fight is only of time accounted for the majority. But, Pazudora, even while following the route of this "card type", was the attack part in mini-games. Specifically, although it to attack the opponent by erase to match the same color of the sphere, the puzzle part of the game company unique had reached the fun and operation of the level to enjoy independently as such a game . Other companies also now imitate this technique, go born blockbuster such as "Wiz Witch and black cat" of Koropura that attack to answer quiz.

In addition, from about the same time as the transition to the app, the enrichment of the game itself has progressed. Currently, to go the most ahead of the flow, is Koropura came out this spring "white cat project". Screen and narrative reminiscent of a traditional action-RPG is a popular secret. And, in recent years, new work of Hironobu Sakaguchi was the producer of the popular RPG "Final Fantasy" series "Terra Battle" has attracted attention. Such a game is, it can be said that while riding in the business model to bring the enormous wealth of the "card type", to pursue a high game of, is a work that was challenged in an attempt to increase the game user satisfaction.

Mature markets of "excess supply"

Current Sumahogemu have entered the mature market. However, it is so to speak, social game that has arisen from quite close to the it was a kind of web service "avatar service" is, is also the result was transformed and entered the era of application to a "game".

In fact, former social game development is, by the time being issued a game that personnel of a few people have made, and that foster while watching the user's reaction, was a mainstream style that good at Internet companies such as Facebook. But If you do not already crowded make thoroughly at the time of sale start in the current, it is not uttered a user veteran, it is not uncommon for the development budget will reach 100 million units. In addition, in order to stand out in the app market, also advertising expenses that can be invested in banner ads on the TV CM and web, now require a huge budget. Already be compared with the portable games such as PSP, budget scale basis risk is has become little more than the market.

In, platform operators such as Gree and DeNA is, what are verb. In fact, sales scale itself from the platform business, is surprisingly flat. However, compared to the application market, it can not help said impression on the media are faded securely. As DeNA as a whole of the strategy companies have announced expansion into new areas such as genetic testing services, seek to the next has begun.

On the other hand, Gung Ho, which became the champion of Sumahogemu was announced that in the previous quarter financial results "Pazudora" is in the "sales profits". In answer to an interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, with indications that the Gung Ho Morishita president Suma Ho game market is in the "obvious oversupply", while "novelty is lost from the technique of centering the card training" card type "it is answered that there ". "Monsuto" also of Mixi which was picked up at the beginning, also announced another app that was a match play in the main early, you are taken to the new deployment.

It becomes huge industry within just a few years, Sumahogemu market that has entered a phase of mature markets. Leading operators among them, have welcomed a quiet new phase this year.
隆盛スマホゲーム  その歴史と現実は?







 しばしば、ソーシャルゲームの歴史の起源として語られるのは、2009年頃にFacebookで流行していた日本語読み(Zynga)というゲーム会社の『Mafia Wars』や『Farm Ville』などだ。確かに日本の黎明期には、これらに影響を受けた『怪盗ロワイヤル』というユーザーが宝を奪い合うゲームや『農園ホッコリーナ』という自分の畑を育てるゲームなどが話題になった。SNSに付随した課金ゲームに対して「ソーシャルゲーム」という名称が日本で使われだしたのも、この頃からである。しかし、ここには、「カードを収集して遊ぶ」という、後のソーシャルゲームの決定的な特徴がない。


 アバターサービスとは、インターネット上に作り上げた「仮想空間」に、ユーザーがアバターと呼ばれる自分のキャラクターを所有して遊ぶサービスである。2000年代にこの分野の最大手であったNHN Japanのサービス「ハンゲーム」は、アバターを使ったゲームを基本無料でユーザーに提供し、アバターの使用する服や武器などのアイテムへの課金から収益を得ていた。高額課金のくじ引きで珍しいアイテムを揃えられる「コンプガチャ」や、二つのアイテムの合体によって新しいアイテムやアバターを作る「合成」などがあり、これを収益に結びつける手法の洗練が始まっていた。実際、DeNAとグリーもソーシャルゲームに本格参入する前に、「モバゲータウン」や「クリノッペ」などのアバターサービスを行っている。ハンゲームほどゲームとの結びつきは強くなかったが、これらの手法は決してグリーのような事業者が一夜にして全て発明したものではない。












 また、アプリへの移行とほぼ同時期から、ゲームそのもののリッチ化が進行した。現在、その流れの最も先を行くのが、コロプラが今春に出した『白猫プロジェクト』である。従来のアクションRPGを思わせる画面と物語性が人気の秘密だ。そして、最近では、人気RPG「ファイナルファンタジー」シリーズの製作者であった坂口博信の新作『Terra Battle』が注目を集めている。こうしたゲームは、「カード型」の莫大な富をもたらすビジネスモデルに乗りながら、高いゲーム性を追求し、ゲームユーザーの満足度を上げる試みに挑戦した作品であると言える。







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