9割が「予備軍」認定! 大人のスマホ依存調査


9割が「予備軍」認定! 大人のスマホ依存調査

9割が「予備軍」認定! 大人のスマホ依存調査
If there is action that they've been doing on a daily basis, it is suspicious.

International organization by marketing practitioners "MCEI" has conducted a survey on "large adult businessman smartphone addiction". Press release has been announced.

Speaking of "smartphone addiction", young people in many cases, will be especially taken up as a student of the problem. As of this time, it is a rare thing that target adults.

In this study is intended for 160 people, it was examined whether not taking the action suspected of Sumaho dependent. Casual behavior usually is, in fact it is that ends up being certified to the "smartphone dependent".

Specifically, people who apply to the following, is especially so at high risk of "smartphone dependent".

· I have seen the smartphone even when the transfer of train
· I bring the smartphone also in the toilet
Is that you fall asleep while holding the smartphone,
Even forget the-wallet, there is that you have the only smartphone
I did not have to call - and the illusion that smartphone vibrates

(In say to "smartphone" is here, mobile, tablet PC, PHS, etc. are also included)
Will the how, per "bring the smartphone also in the toilet" is, in many people you have ended up doing is.

The author, the last of the "though not arrived, and the illusion that smartphone vibrates" only, was true. Although recently no longer feel here.

Besides, even when true in one of the following items, it will be "addiction reserve army".

Often you are looking at a smartphone during-meal
You are much look at the smartphone even, with friends to be with
· Meetings and become the SNS is worry in such as during the banquet, I would look at the smartphone
Tara • If SNS is not, I feel the relationship is no longer
Sometimes to act in order to make the story to be written to the · SNS
· While riding a bicycle you are looking at the smartphone
Regardless of the · TPO, you are unconsciously touching the touch panel
If this about, it is a multi-likely also those that one would have held true. Sumaho dependent reserve army of the people, might be surprising to many to businessmen.

The results of these questionnaires MCEI the group was taken, now as follows.

The most common is 67% of "addiction reserve army", then is 22% of the "mild". Indeed nearly 90 percent people, you have got true for more than smartphone addiction reserve army.

However, in only 1% people of "severe", seems to have no one that applies to the most serious "addiction". In MCEI, in which only modern society that mobile devices have been widely used, this result is not called it in some places there is no way.

In addition, the questionnaire because it is intended for marketers (marketing strategy planners), and that the general targeted might have a slightly different results.

It is a young person has been considered to be a just a matter of "smartphone addiction", but it does not seem to be a unrelated story also surprisingly adult. Everyone, the sufficient care to overuse.






(ここで言う「スマホ」には、携帯、タブレットPC、PHS 等も含まれる)



・会議や宴会中などでもSNS が気になり、スマホを見てしまう
・SNS に書き込むネタを作るために行動することがある
・TPO に関わらず、無意識にタッチパネルを触っている






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