Googleの「自作スマホ」(来年1月に発売される 5000円)


Googleの「自作スマホ」(来年1月に発売される 5000円)

Googleの「自作スマホ」(来年1月に発売される 5000円)
Google's ongoing project to be able to create a smartphone yourself. This project, called "Project Ara", the company is the United States of electronic and communication equipment manufacturer, which was acquired in 2012, Motorola (this year, PC makers sold to Lenovo of China) is what was announced in October 2013. Using the module, such as a battery and a display hardware developers have developed, users have to assemble a smartphone.

Prototype of the terminal. The design can be made freely in 3D printer
Prototype terminals currently being exposed, it is composed of the foregoing modules and the frame, a mechanism that is assembled by connecting the respective electromagnets. Magnitude, three types of large (4 × 7 inches) in ・ (3 × 6 inches) and small (2 × 5 inches). Since the smartphone side of the parts can be output in a 3D printer, the user can change the favorite design can be for example, or make a favorite colors and patterns. Android is employed in the OS.

Project by involving the developers are gradually increasing their presence.

In the early stages raise the general ideas and requests regarding terminal and each module is done efforts of "Ara Scouts", more than 30,000 of the 111 countries have participated over a period of about 8 months, most contributed 100 people Latest prototype in which but it has been provided free of charge. In addition, also module contest that was over the prize money $ 100,000 (about 10 million yen) has been held.

Prospective users for the first time of the terminal "Gray Phone" as Project Ara to hand, we plan to launch in January 2015, the price that is set to cheap as smartphone $ 50 (about 5,000 yen). Sales method, from such as online app store "of Google Play" that Google is run, the user has been studied such a way that can be purchased directly. According to reports of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, in Japan that Toshiba supplies the semiconductor to Gray Phone.

Smartphone is only beginning
True aim of Google?

Google will aim to try to allow self-made Sumaho I considered two there.

One is, that to enter the low-cost smartphone market of emerging and developing countries. The official site of the Project Ara it is written as "(in the world) 5 billion people do not have a smartphone".

So far, at once released by its own system the smartphone market that was in oligopoly state, it can be assumed as an attempt to lower the price of the terminal by encouraging entry and competition of small and medium-sized manufacturers. As Internet advertising is the main spindle Google, but smartphone user, that is because I want to increase the net user.

Another aim of is to enhance the development speed of the hardware to the software par. If you want Google to develop software deliver new services to end users far had to be dependent on the speculation of hardware specifications and manufacturers. To proceed with allow a user assembled to like a smartphone in Project Ara, quickly for people who want to use the Google service, it is possible to deliver reliably.

Sumaho not alone. According to the report of the US magazine Wall Street Journal, that there may have also been developed to derive the project module type of monitor or display. Google is that it would allow self-made all kinds of hardware, is an outlined the existing hardware manufacturers, might intend going further to expand its hegemony.
グーグルが、スマホを自分で作れるようにするプロジェクトを進行中だ。「Project Ara」と呼ばれるこのプロジェクトは、同社が2012年に買収したアメリカの電子・通信機器メーカー、モトローラ(今年、中国のパソコンメーカー レノボに売却)が2013年10月に発表したもの。ハードウェア開発者が開発したバッテリーやディスプレイなどのモジュールを使って、ユーザーがスマホを組み立てられるようにしている。



初期段階では端末や各モジュールに関するアイデアや要望を一般に募る「Ara Scouts」の取り組みが行われ、約8ヵ月間にわたって111ヵ国の3万人以上が参加し、最も貢献した100人には最新のプロトタイプが無償で提供された。このほか、賞金10万ドル(約1000万円)をかけたモジュールコンテストも開催されている。

ユーザーが手にするProject Araとして初めての端末「Gray Phone」は、2015年1月の発売を予定しており、価格は50ドル(約5000円)とスマホとしては格安に設定される見込み。販売方法は、グーグルが運営するオンラインアプリストア 「Google Playの」などから、ユーザーが直接購入できるような方法が検討されている。日本経済新聞の報道によれば、日本では東芝がGray Phoneに半導体を供給するという。



一つは、新興国や発展途上国の低価格スマホ市場に参入すること。Project Araの公式サイトには「(世界で)50億人がスマホを持っていない」と書かれている。


もう一つの狙いは、ハードウェアの開発スピードをソフトウェア並みに高めること。これまでソフトウェアを開発するグーグルが新サービスをエンドユーザーに届けたい場合、ハードウェアの規格やメーカーの思惑に左右されることがあった。Project Araでユーザーがスマホを好きなように組み立てることができるようになれば、グーグルのサービスを利用したい人にいち早く、確実に届けることができるようになる。


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