なるか「空の産業革命」 無人機ビジネス、米で参入続々


なるか「空の産業革命」 無人機ビジネス、米で参入続々

なるか「空の産業革命」 無人機ビジネス、米で参入続々
Unmanned aircraft business "industrial revolution of the sky", one after another entry in the United States or become 

Movement to use for business unmanned aircraft called "drone" has been spread in the United States. Venture company is born one after another, IT major such as Amazon also explore business opportunities. Aviation authorities showed commercial use for the first time in June. Rules if trimmed, it's likely flew familiar with, such as door-to-door delivery service. 

Agglomerations Silicon Valley IT companies. In the garage of a quiet residential area, is headquartered in emerging companies Matter net. 

Entrepreneur Andreas Raputopurosu Mr. Greek-born (40) Founded in 2011, I undertake to transport building networks by unmanned aircraft. I thought in areas where road and Africa have not been established, and there is a need to carry and pharmaceuticals. 

Small propeller of four per the unmanned aircraft that was developed in-house, and put the luggage under the fuselage. Since the experiment can not be if there is a regulation, it has been repeatedly test flight from about two years ago, such as the Dominican Republic in the United States. I aim to commercialize within a few years. Raputopurosu Mr. Komeru expectations to be "should be recognized as one of the social infrastructure in the future." 

Startups robot LAB with offices in San Francisco city, embarked on education business to use the unmanned aircraft. To sell about $ 3,500 (about 350,000 yen) to use in the classroom of the school "unmanned aircraft kit". This drone, I can easily operate in tablet devices commercially available, such as iPad. 

To learn and that along with the altitude and speed, the video that was taken with a small camera is projected on the screen, aircraft raise the altitude range of ground overlooking the spread. 

Classes for math and physics, I was placed in high schools across the United States more than 100. Airaddo Invar-Founder "student is he has shown an interest in unmanned aircraft, is a popular and easy to teach." 

University venture also came out. Last year, the United States the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began a pilot guide robot that flying "Sky call". Site is wide, University of the United States to go to the destination is also a hard time. If you enter information such as the building you want to go in the smartphone, drones flew Imairu location, willing to lead it to the desired location. 

Researchers Yanibu-Tajaman, who developed (37) "and say drone, image called dangerous for military use because it precedes, wanted to show to the world that the fun and useful." I think also to take advantage of disaster relief and tourist information. 

■ predict "10 trillion global market" 

Business use of unmanned aircraft, which has been known for military use When was the attention, it's that of December last year. It was because the United States has announced Amazon, and, start to '15 courier service by a small unmanned aircraft.
なるか「空の産業革命」 無人機ビジネス、米で参入続々












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