ソニーが透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass』を開発


ソニーが透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass』を開発

ソニー、眼鏡型ウエアラブル端末を開発 “ポストスマホ”筆頭として期待
ソニーが透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass』を開発
19, Sony in collaboration with smartphones, we have developed eyeglass-type wearable terminal that you want to be superimposed on the view information such as the image and the letter "smart eye glass", was started to provide development kits to software development companies. To be commercialized did on enhance the types of applications such as pedestrian navigation. 

In appearance to the extent that was slightly larger sports glasses commercial, terminal body, about 77 grams the weight of the glasses parts. Lens has to have a high transmittance of 85%. Upon application of the terminal, information such as text and graphics are displayed in green on the bottom of the field of vision. And read the information naturally without having to look down, have less stress. 

Still at the stage of prototype, because of the external, and "to advance the resolution of such issues as whether or not possible to reduce the size of be integrated, want to hurry to commercialize" controller section, including the battery (Takekawa Hiroshi Device Solutions Division I have a SIG preparation room General Manager). 

It also started to Efforts towards commercialization, encourage application development by partner companies. I promote and providing development kit. Communications company K-Opticom is working on already developed (Kita-ku, Osaka), in collaboration with the (Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi) ACCESS software development, to several people runners of Osaka marathon to be held on October 26 it asked over the smart eye glasses, to perform a demonstration of the application to be displayed in the terminal information such as messages of support and marathon-related information during the competition has been decided. 

Eyeglass-type terminal of Google seen to be released to the public within the year is "Google Glass", a mechanism that has a small display at the top of the lens of the right eye of the glasses of the ordinary, such as net information is displayed. There are differences between the terminals of the Sony can be seen with both eyes. 

It recorded an operating loss in a slump of mobile business such as smart phones on the 17th, ended March 31, 2015, Sony has just announced a downward revision of the final profit and loss performance to expand the deficit of 230 billion yen. For equipment to be turned on this time, Sony is expected as the largest of the "Posutosumaho" with such a wristwatch-type terminal. 

However, the smartphone that caused this downward revision follows the TV or PC, for Sony has lagged behind error, or China and manufacturers in Korea and look at the market environment of the core business one after another, failure is not allowed now. Is it possible to market in advance of the product with a product competitiveness outperform other companies, it is noted.






ソニーが透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass』を開発

【新製品クローズアップ】ソニーが透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass』を開発

ソニーは、対応スマートフォン(動作環境:Android 4.1以降。カメラのビデオ機能を使用する場合はAndroid 4.3以降)と連携し、テキスト、シンボル、画像等の情報を視界に重ねて表示する、透過式メガネ型端末 『SmartEyeglass(スマートアイグラス)』を開発した。


重量/ケーブル除くメガネ部:約77g コントローラー部:約44g
ディスプレイ形式/別体コントローラー付き 両眼透過式メガネ型ディスプレイ
スマートフォンとの接続/Bluetooth v3.0、IEEE802.11b/g/n
スマートフォンの対応OS/Android 4.1 以上 (カメラのビデオ機能を使用する場合はAndroid 4.3 以上)
表示色/緑単色 256階調
ディスプレイ輝度 (最大)/1000 cd/m2
カメラ/静止画: 有効画素数 約300万画素  動画: 640×480ピクセル (VGA、約31万画素)







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