In day-to-day contact fellow in family and, it has become an essential tool for now, Sumahoapuri "LINE". Recently, people-intensive reportedly feelings illustrations one "stamp" is large in particular. It is convenient since it is not a character driven bother. 

This user can purchase easily "But stamp", I began to be sold at 100 yen anyone from May. Registration seekers that they are inundated with it's new business opportunities this. 

But novice PC users wonder? It is not profitable de amateur picture of even doing? No, no, do not do that. You extend the number of sales is your idea. I there is a possibility of success' s amateur! The key to success is "enjoy convenient" than the quality of the picture. Watanabe NaoMakoto's "LINE Inc." stamp planning team says as follows. 

What you tend to housewives is, such as stamp that interacts with the husband about parenting, what use scene is limited in many cases, for example, "." Performances enjoy during "was" vaccination "is like" I bought "milk but we will review the stamp registration. probably a "convenient" is filed, but the qualifications and experience as well without the need, does not matter even poor good picture of "

In fact, I talked to the housewife to make a stamp on the free time of child-rearing, that was get the "pocket money". Mint's hungry-author of "Rattan sea otter" and "rather than moonlighting, we earn much fun (laughs)" You can talk to, (25). 

I was a part in bookstores neighbors "last year, when it was thought the child was born in January, how to try a decrease in income a. Sudden ...... as I no longer go out to work out, and I learned that the stamp "

Illustrations by working 2-3 hours a day, I was completed in about 10 days. Housework one day end, and from Nekashitsuke children, it's so went to the desk. 

"There is no experience of the painting. Pen and tablet draw illustrations in. PC on much has been drawn to the graffiti about in my spare time, I made with free software cost zero" (combed mint san) 

Sales exceeded 100,000 yen immediately. Use for money that it and "eat the good food and family." Sideline of housewife, also look forward to the couple, by all means, try to challenge stamp business?








 LINE方言スタンプ、制作数は「西高東低」の傾向に - LINEが調査結果を公表
LINE dialect stamp, production number on the trend of "Seikototei" - published the survey results is LINE 

The 4th, for the dialect stamp for sale "LINE Creators Market", LINE has published the results of a census of production prefectural and local basis. There is a tendency of "Seikototei" The production number of dialect stamp, stamp of West Kansai, Kyushu, China, Shikoku, etc. tightened more than 70% of the dialect stamp. 

In another district, the Kansai region accounted for 33.7% of the total 103 stamp, it was the largest. Subsequently, 24.8% in the 76 stamp Kyushu, followed by 12.1% in the 37 stamp Chubu region. 

In prefectures analysis, Okinawa Prefecture was 11.9% next highest at 28 stamp. 11.1% in the 26 stamp Osaka, Fukuoka Prefecture, was followed by 8.5% in the 20 stamp on then. Note that, in the August 29 time, that dialect stamp does not exist becomes apparent Saitama Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, and is aimed first at the company. 

Targeting about 10,000 stamp for sale "LINE Creators Market", extracts the stamp, including "valve" and "dialect", etc. in the August 29th point, the same survey, by prefecture visually public relations office, I was classified according to different regions.
LINE方言スタンプ、制作数は「西高東低」の傾向に - LINEが調査結果を公表

LINEは4日、「LINE Creators Market」で販売中の方言スタンプについて、県別・地方別の制作数調査の結果を公開した。方言スタンプの制作数は「西高東低」の傾向にあり、関西、九州、中国、四国等の西日本のスタンプが方言スタンプの7割以上を締めた。



同調査は、8月29日時点で「LINE Creators Market」で販売中の約1万スタンプを対象に、「弁」「方言」等を含むスタンプを抽出し、広報事務局が目視で県別、地方別に分類した。

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