In fact, Apple and IBM that might big news "iOS alliance" 

Then that there is a win-win new business alliance of the United States and Apple rice IBM, most analysts is seeing favorably this business alliance. On the other hand, some IT professionals who have a skepticism until you actually see some of the services and applications that are said to be provided, and do not know whether there is merit in what extent. 

Apple and IBM is planning as part of the business alliance in the vast enterprise mobile field, to provide the fall of 2014 the enterprise application of up to 100 types that specialize in industry. At the same time, the cloud service of IBM that has been optimized mobile OS of Apple's "iOS" for is also provided. "Security," "Mobile Device Management" and the main target market's "data analysis". IBM also is also planning to resell and "iPhone" and "iPad" through the partner network and direct sales of their sales team. 

● there is no second time if it fails 

If there is no appeal of the more tantalizing purchasing willingness of companies to apps that both companies will be realized, the business alliance is mere resale contract on a large scale. Managed IT services provider based in the United States Boston, according to Michael Oh said founder and president of Tech Superpowers, which is also a reseller of Apple, Apple might boost sales of iOS-based devices by this business alliance but, it is not important to the iT industry. 

"This business alliance is as if falls on a mere resale contract, this business partnership ended in failure, that the two companies to cooperate would not again" (Mr. O) 

● the alliance of Apple and IBM 

· IBM and Apple is expected to develop enterprise solutions as many as 100 types that specialize in industry. A new iPhone / iPad app is also included in this 
And provision of application are scheduled start in the fall of 2014. In addition, IBM plans to resell to customers around the world iPhone / iPad enterprise app has been installed 
· IBM Apple and IBM to develop a cloud service that is optimized for iOS. "Security," "Mobile Device Management" and target market, "big data / analysis" 
A new service of IBM corresponding device activation, provision, management is provided. Enterprise Edition support services "AppleCare" are also provided at the same time new 

Some critics have questioned about it even if you are able to fit in the hands of a huge customer base of companies IBM, sales of mobile devices Apple extends. IT departments are officially supported by the Apple device in many companies, many users are in possession of the Apple device already. Customer companies faced by both companies, reason to purchase additional Apple devices can not be found. 

Mike Dripps, who serves as the solution architect in the United States bases in India Wipro speak as follows. "The. Companies who are in the midst of the times (business use of personal belongings terminal) BYOD, or. There is no need to invest in devices that employees use at work and home, does not intend to invest to us." 

On the other hand, some IT professionals who have a point of view by the fusion of smooth superior technology of Apple and IBM, this business alliance would bring benefits to both. Also, I have seen the benefit to each other and a technology face not only financial. 

Speak "if integration technology of user experience of Apple technology and server-based IBM, companies both benefit each other," said the chief information officer of GHY International, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 's (CIO), Nigel's fault Mr. Lage. 

Rice and Fiberlink enterprise mobility management that IBM has recently acquired a (EMM) company, EMM product of its cloud-based on "MaaS360", it has not been mentioned in the place of business tie-up announcement. However, IBM plans to provide cloud services for iOS-powered device management. In addition, AppleCare for the new Enterprise Edition, which provides products and services support also has been the subject of business alliance. 

● many possibilities hidden in Apple's apps and IBM 

One of the advantages in technology surface that this business alliance will bring, could be incorporated in the application of Apple's "Siri", and the like. Siri if integrated into the app, it is possible to get with easy access to information in the data store database or other server-based IBM users. 

Ezra Gottoheiru, who serves as the principal analyst at market research firm Technology Business Research in Hampton, New Hampshire United States speaks in the following manner. "Apple will be to integrate help to interface app Siri, it is possible that business users to query the database and analysis software for server-based using Siri, or to check the processing status of the ERP. it's an interesting prospect. this contract if Yukitsuke up there, it's amazing "

According to Mr. Gottoheiru, at a briefing to analysts, which was held in mid-July 2014, IBM executives, emphasized the benefits of this business alliance brings to the management / security software company. The benefits is that it will be able to protect them by better manage their mobile device of Apple. It would be a great advantage in terms of convenience is a company that has been standardized products / services from IBM. However, there may not be the advantage of this specific business alliance. 

For customers of the "IBM, That said. Would may become a one-stop shop to address the mobile security problem, are providing management solutions BYOD rice rice and Hewlett-Packard is .IBM is not the only IBM reason to provide a powerful solution than Dell can not be found anywhere "(Mr. Gottoheiru) 

Apple executives IBM and showed no plans to offer a new mobile device. Most of the IT department, will be downloaded to the device to keep the existing license the application of up to 100 kinds of Apple and IBM are developing. Mr. Gottoheiru sees, and will not be used to purchase a new device that app is installed. 

● dark clouds bring to Google and Microsoft 

This business alliance, to expect to establish a (sense and cool cutting edge) strong street credibility in the enterprise, Apple and would make an advantage than its competitors, place of employment have been standardized on IBM server hardware it's Mr. Fortlage are. 

Fortlage said, is adding Canadian BlackBerry "BlackBerry" Had popular even now, even as would have been that this business alliance is to decline trumps the BlackBerry. 

"In business alliance of the kind not seen in the United States in Google" Android "market, even Samsung Electronics of South Korea, was not conducted business alliance such as this, which" (fault Mr. Lage) 

"Apple is going to be obtained from the IBM advantage needed to regain a share of the enterprise market from the Android" (fault Mr. Lage) 

This business alliance, can affect the mobile device management vendors and numerous benefits Google is getting the Android business is expected. To affect the software product and the mobile hardware of Microsoft Corp. also it would be inevitable. Street in the message that the CEO of Microsoft, Satya-Nadera Mr. sent to all employees in early July 2014, is in the midst of the company's turning point, but it may be necessary to increase the pace. 

.Microsoft That are actively developing the enterprise application suite that is integrated to provide a complete mobility, and iOS is in before being able to compete with IBM, will take a long time. "IBM honestly , Dripps "says I doubt whether there is such a capability to Microsoft. 

This business alliance, IBM will be able to deliver enterprise apps to the enterprise by integrating directly with the system of the front-end. Now, it's possible to put a large difference in the United States competitors SAP, rice Oracle, such as the United States CA Technologies. But talk to be "must develop apps that meet the needs of the company in order to enter into a contract with the company" is, Jack, who is an analyst and chief at J. Gold Associates, based in Massachusetts Nosubara · it's Mr. Gold. 

"Can the app is bad, it's just talking about do not buy. Not that I knew of and users who manufacturers such as whether has signed a business alliance" (Mr. Gold) 

Is the would not be IBM Apple and aim immediately improve productivity / collaboration market as "Microsoft Office", "Google Apps" is holding the supremacy, it's view of the user and industry officials largely. The analyst VDC ​​Research, based in Natick of Massachusetts, Eric Crane said, that the first to attack the field of analytical and big data is expected, it is the driving force behind the analysis tool of IBM "IBM Cognos called it ". Cognos is enabled on the iPad from 2011. 

But, this business alliance only been hype has strategic importance, some analysts pointed out that there is a possibility that does not work. 

And "look It's business alliance with enterprise services and hardware companies. Personally, as has been fuss about the trivial announcement", the analyst at market research firm Directions on Microsoft in Kirkland, WA United States Wes Miller, director says. 

"It is reported that shocking news, but I do not think so"




 両社が実現するアプリに企業の購買意欲をそそるほどの魅力がなければ、この業務提携は単なる大規模な再販契約となる。米ボストンに拠点を置くマネージドITサービスプロバイダーで、Appleの再販業者でもあるTech Superpowersの創設者兼代表取締役のマイケル・オー氏によると、この業務提携によってAppleはiOS搭載デバイスの売り上げを伸ばすかもしれないが、それはIT業界にとって重要ではないという。







 「IBMのサーバベースのテクノロジーとAppleのユーザーエクスペリエンスの技術を統合すれば、どちらの企業も相互に恩恵を受けられる」と話すのは、カナダのマニトバ州ウィニペグに拠点を置くGHY Internationalの最高情報責任者(CIO)、ナイジャル・フォルトラーゲ氏だ。




 米ニューハンプシャー州ハンプトンの市場調査会社Technology Business Researchで主席アナリストを務めるエズラ・ゴットヘイル氏は次のように話す。「AppleがSiriをアプリのインタフェースに統合する手助けをすれば、ビジネスユーザーがSiriを使ってサーバベースの分析ソフトウェアやデータベースを照会したり、ERPの処理状況を確認したりすることが可能になる。これは興味深い見通しだ。この契約がそこまで行き着けば、それはすごいことだ」







 「これは、米Googleの『Android』市場では見られない類の業務提携で、韓国のSamsung Electronicsですら、このような業務提携は行っていない」(フォルトラーゲ氏)




 この業務提携により、IBMはフロントエンドのシステムと直接統合して企業にエンタープライズアプリを提供できるようになる。これで、米SAP、米Oracle、米CA Technologiesといった競合他社に大きな差を付けることが可能だ。だが、「企業と契約を結ぶためには企業のニーズに合ったアプリを開発しなければならない」と話すのは、米マサチューセッツ州ノースバラに拠点を置くJ. Gold Associatesでアナリスト兼主任を務めるジャック・ゴールド氏だ。


 「Microsoft Office」と「Google Apps」が覇権を握っている生産性向上/コラボレーション市場をAppleとIBMがすぐに目指すことはないだろうというのが、大方の業界関係者やユーザーの見方だ。米マサチューセッツ州のネイティックを拠点とするVDC Researchのアナリスト、エリック・クレイン氏によると、まずはビッグデータと分析の分野を攻めることが予想され、その立役者となるのがIBMの分析ツール「IBM Cognos」だという。Cognosは、2011年からiPadで使用可能になっている。


 「これはハードウェアとエンタープライズサービス企業による業務提携だ。個人的には、取るに足らない発表について大騒ぎしているように見える」と、米ワシントン州カークランドの市場調査会社Directions on Microsoftでアナリストを務めるウェス・ミラー氏は語る。


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