名刺管理アプリ比較 メモ【2014年版】


名刺管理アプリ比較 メモ【2014年版】

Business card management application compared to [2014 version] 

I want to organize a business card app too there are many. Please let. 

You have searched the only web page of one year past in the state erase the history of the browser, you log out of Google account. IT industry because it is fast-evolving, information is preferably as new. 

Is displayed on the top of the search results, comments of being received in its own way than four "Eight (Eight)", "Cardful (full card)", "CamCard (cam card)" and "amazing business card management" were. It was thought that kana caught a lot more, but popularity seems to be concentrated in some apps. 

I tried are summarized in Table features of each application. 

Some fee free of charge by the faster you slow time due to lower high mechanical precision when the "Eight", "Cardful" "CamCard" and "amazing business card management" electronic machine people who 

The table above is a summary that was roughly considerably. I will continue to explain in order from now for more information. 

Free, hand input "Eight" 
Eight_icon "completely free", "hand input by the operator" is a good point of "Eight". 
Business card images taken with smartphone is transferred to the outside, it will be electronic data by the hand of man. 
It is also free to many pieces of data a business card. There is no number limit. Is there a possibility in the future, be paid into, but it is completely free in August 2014. 
You can use free of charge the ability you can exchange business cards and messages that were digitized between users, or to manage the business card in the tagging. 
It is a place "time-consuming", "not me digitized occasionally" point Unfortunately, it and "can not do anything and there is no paper business card." 
Time it takes to electronic is a mixed, you may want to wait a week if also be ending in several tens of minutes. 
You may also department name and address, such as a job title is not digitized the busy season. Name, company name, telephone number, e-mail address you give into data always, but others are not as long as that. 
After that, it does not correspond to the manual input by the user. I do not have business cards at hand, but I can not respond If you like that want to record the contact information of the other party. 

Of good chemistry and Evernote "Cardful" 

Cooperation with Evernote (Evernote) is very good Cardful_icon is "Cardful".
Business card data on Evernote will be synchronized with the smartphone ("Cardful"). For example, if you edit the business card data from Evernote account of the personal computer, the data of the smartphone will also be changed. 
In addition, it can be tagged to the smartphone business card, from any personal computer either, it is recognized as a tag of Evernote. 
In addition, the business card image is from the original was taken without the "Cardful", within the Evernote can also be digitized. 
Is there a business card reading function also Evernote alone. However, considering (such as to start the map app when you tap the address) cooperation with the smartphone, people of "Cardful" is useful at present. 
With an accuracy of OCR (optical character recognition), there is a recognition errors somewhat precarious part. At the same app is only for iOS, is not available in Android. 
I am in the form of "partial toll" in the surface charge. Business cards that can be of data free of charge up to 10 sheets per month. This number limit will not if charging 1,200 yen once. Other costs such as the monthly fee will not be applied. 


Left state in which to scan the business card. Right screen to modify the data that has been of text. 

High-speed read "CamCard" 

Speed ​​of CamCard_icon read, rich feature is of advantage "CamCard". 
Camera rises instantly by pressing the shooting button, the camera turns off automatically the moment the shutter is the camera focused on a business card. About 3 seconds only not be applied to electronic and photography. 

Shooting because end quickly, it was hard to to take a screen shot. 

Reading accuracy is Well Well. If it is not a business card of Cush, you can text to accurately approximate. 
In addition, it is also a multi-function or be synchronized with the existing contact card data, or output in Excel format, and can create a business card data from the signature of the e-mail. 
There is a limit to the number of cards that can be digitized in the free version app. It is not in the paid version. 

"Great business card management" Chrysanthemum proper use 

"The hand input by the operator, OCR can choose" SugoiMeishi_icon point is very different from other apps. It is possible to distinguish ask for manual input when there is time, the time of hurry and the data of their own. 
Manual entry is free of charge as well as "Eight". However, money will take the data of some items such as the URL of the corporate site. 
If you ask the operator, the time it takes to electronic is a case-by-case basis. Few minutes, you may want more than one week long if it is shorter. 
On the other hand, can be digitized immediately if OCR, but the reading accuracy is very low. 

The point that can not be integrated with existing contact data captured is also regrettable. 

Oh man, digitization of business card you broken bone. Take pictures one by one, correct ... 

Do Do not you think it would have a reasonable most contacts are centrally managed by Toka Gmail anymore, it fit to file a traditional business card. 
if electronic compelled by forces beyond one's control maysee_icon is to use the service called "Macy" is also Issaku. You me digitized by simply mailing to put in an envelope and business card. If you ask the travel services further, will come to scan up to home. 

I feel like something wrong fundamentally is not even not, but business cards will not go away maybe. To manage the business card of the paper is very. However, pass it I'm a easy.


























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