スマホゲーム戦線、戦国時代の様相 ガンホーなどが急伸


スマホゲーム戦線、戦国時代の様相 ガンホーなどが急伸

スマホゲーム戦線、戦国時代の様相 ガンホーなどが急伸
Aspects such as Gung Ho Sumahogemu Front, in the Warring States era surged

Of mobile phones and smartphone game "leading role" companies are swapped. The steadily decline of (decline), male former, DeNA and Gree overtook companies was lower skip hit. It is aspects of the Warring States period that new entrants aiming for get-rich-quick also continued, repeating the Gekokujo. 

The 13th, Yoshikazu Tanaka, president of the game leading glee was emphasized that "there is telling the game that was out recently, now is the bottom," said at the closing press conference. However, sales of the (full-year) sales decreased for the second consecutive year and 125.5 billion yen of 17-5% year-on-year in June Fiscal 2014 was announced this day. July-September period also expect the same 26-down 4%, brakes are not applied to the decline.

Glee was rapid growth in mobile phones traditional games such as "exploration Dorirando", but was delayed corresponding to the smartphone that spread rapidly. Began a new service of 5, such as searching for and nursing homes just before Hotel Reservations from May, but the time is likely to take to grow revenue streams. 

DeNA also rush to diversify, such as e-comics and magazines genetic testing services. However, the slump in the game is sound, sales in the period April to June 2002 was reduced 30% compared to the same period last year. Moriyasu Isao president admits "putting out a hit in the game is a must," said To invert. 

It's Gung Ho Online Entertainment It was held a leading role "Puzzle & Dragons" is a big hit. A consolidated subsidiary of Softbank, sales bulge to six times the previous year last year, Pazudora earned its more than 90%. There are also signs of decline in the performance of the newest, and "aims to acquire the new layer", Kazuki Morishita president to focus on expansion in China and beginners. 

Mixi user of the social networking site has decreased also, was revived in October last year released "Monster Strike". Accounted for 80% of sales, sales in April-June period's six times in the same period last year. 

In '08 founded, hits such as "With the black cat and quiz RPG Wizard" is after another also COLOPL which was changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in April this year a listing destination, you have surged in the game devoted. 

You can play for free basically game of each company, but if you want to charge for extension of the game and get the character to proceed advantageously in many cases, it's a source of income. The status quo to grasp a lot of money if you hit one installment, new entrants also unending. 

The 6th, LINE free interactive app announced that invest 10 billion yen up to, such as game development venture. Foreigners also aim to "Gung Ho of the second" in the new game one after another. 

Rapid expansion of the market are also expected. According to the smartphone advertising company CyberZ, market size of East Asia amounted to 916.8 billion yen of two-fold year-on-year to 13 years, and that's momentum in excess of 2 trillion yen in '17. Unplug the United States in 13 at the end of the year sales of app-related, such as games, Japan became the world's best.
スマホゲーム戦線、戦国時代の様相 ガンホーなどが急伸







 08年設立で、上場先を今年4月に東証マザーズから東証1部に変更したコロプラも「クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ」などのヒット作が相次ぎ、ゲーム一筋で急伸している。




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