To ban an app that pester Facebook, the "Likes" 

Spam app that request insistently of the Facebook "Likes" is likely to be greatly reduced in the future. 

Thursday last week, make changes to the platform policy of the company, Facebook and prohibited to the author of the app to request "Likes" on the page of its own in exchange, such as the provision of prizes browsing and special video were. 

The news was first reported by The Next Web. This change in policy, apps that use Facebook is likely to be necessary to collect "Likes" in the form of the original. Acts provide incentives to a page in the app to "Likes" will be prohibited concluded by November 5. 

This does not affect the only game on Facebook. It offers an app that content providers and consumers are many brands to work with Facebook, there is a possibility that there are many others pester from the user to "Likes" in them. In the background of complaints that do not remember you "Like!" Was yourself from Facebook users are heard from time to time, there seems to be a presence of apps these. 

Developer's possible to provide other incentives for users yet. Such as that or login using Facebook account, check in using Facebook to the location of the store is not subject to regulation. It is also possible to carry out the campaign and promotion, but can not be carried out in exchange for "Likes". 

It is described as follows for this policy change engineers of Facebook, Hirsch Deep Thing: 

You should not be wearing the incentive to Face book page and "social plug-in!" Likes ". That you can offer a reward in exchange for "Likes", and you can change the contents of conductors or app based on the page and whether they are "Likes" are also included. Incentives such as the promotion of the participation of the check-in via or log in to apps using Facebook is still possible. In order to support that Facebook will guarantee the connection high quality more, to find the users who want to reach original business, the user is not a motivation incentive pseudo We willingness to receive information in the future from the business I hope that when you are there to "Likes". I believe that it's some of the benefits in the same manner to advertisers and users this update "

At the same time as the change of policy on "Likes", Facebook has also revised notation about the in-app billing. Notation app billing whether essential that is required for the developer in the future. 

Movement seeking transparency of game type (to request a billing for play) Pay-to-Play like this is not limited to Facebook. European Union (EU) has been strongly requested clarification of a substantial price for playing a mobile game for the app store and developers.



このニュースはThe Next Webによって最初に報じられた。このポリシーの変更によって、フェイスブックを利用するアプリは本来の形で「いいね!」を集めることが必要となりそうだ。アプリのページへの「いいね!」へインセンティブを与える行為は11月5日をもって禁止となる。







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