iOS、Android、Windowsでビジネス向けに最適なOSは? 無謀なる問い掛けの結末
optimal OS to business-friendly iOS, Android, in Windows? Consequences of a reckless question 

Mobile OS that is most appropriate for your company wonder how? Recently, the major mobile OS of the three "Android", "iOS" and "Windows Phone", Michael Thomason said IT professionals discussed the pros and cons of each. 

When considering a mobile OS for enterprise, each OS can be considered as an analogy to the person who has style, each with a different advantages and disadvantages. 

● When compared to a person iOS, Android, and Windows Phone? 

Urban decided and Bishitsu suits, Android rice Google Business Person of casual attire is Windows Phone punk rocker, of Microsoft Corp. of the United States iOS Apple -. Chief Systems Architect of Emory Healthcare has developed on a large scale hospitals and clinics in the United States, Georgia, to speak so, but Michael Thomason said. 

In a speech held in Boston in July 2014 of "BriForum 2014," Thomason said, discussed the differences between these mobile OS. According to the report of the research firm Gartner, which was announced the same month, smartphone / tablet shipments worldwide in 2014 is estimated to be 2.4 billion units, 1.1 billion units in Android, 3 333 million units in Windows, is iOS / Macintosh and that accounts for 200 million 71 million units. 

In this talk, Mr. Thomason told as follows: the characteristics of each OS. 

● iOS 

IOS from Apple is a image of tie to suit. As they work with only Apple's hardware, you are together tightly than Microsoft and Google. "IPhone" operations management also has also been unified, it is completed in a comfortable environment in which Mr. Thomason is referred to as the "Apple Garden". 

Mr. Thomason said, "After that he would make a responsible for managing the mobile terminal if, from the terminal you do not know, those of the terminal you are familiar is good," he said. 

However, minute consistency is high, price is also high. But so-called "Apple tax", Mr. Thomason said, "If you pay it, it is possible to get a user experience that is very sophisticated," he said. 

Scheduled for release in the "iOS 8", various management options for IT administrators also that are available to businesses in the fall of 2014. However, for its ability, in terms of IT administrators, many problems still remain. 

● Android 

Whereas likely to spend an elegant evening in the piano bar that iOS is swanky, those who enjoy the night in the live house was dirty underground suits Android. But, Mr. Thomason speak Android platform is "Mobile Linux" completely open source also, not bad. 

Google Android because it operates in a variety of hardware, it is also possible to choose a cheap entry-level model, choice of the terminal is much higher than other OS. 

Thomason said, "if you choose to go (Android) tablet, it's available from $ 50 about the quality of the" iPad "may not be expected," he said. 

It offers a wealth of applications in Android, there is also a function of the widget (Widget). But, Android for most applications have been developed in the "Java", compared to the OS for other applications, Thomason says "can not be tight to the look and feel," said user interface. 

Unlike Apple, which is also a software vendor is a hardware vendor, in the case of the Android open-source OS, there is also a problem that not receive support only from the hardware vendor. Thomason told in PC, this problem, and is similar companies and not receive the support of the "Windows" system only through the hardware vendor rice Hewlett-Packard and Dell, such as the United States (HP). 

(Variations of such operability and appearance due to differences in the OS version) fragmentation problem of Android also a concern in the company, but, Google plans to incorporate the management infrastructure to be released in 2014 as a countermeasure to the "Android L". 

● Windows Phone 

Microsoft aims to common OS to the mobile terminal and the desktop, (However, a new association has been planned as "iOS 8" for the desktop in the "OS X Yosemite" is unlike Apple to have avoided it ). 

Thomason says that it "seemed Microsoft" you have unified hardware, and Tsuda 1, of the strengths of Windows Mobile OS. Conjunction with existing Microsoft technologies that are often used in older applications of companies because it, there is a possibility that can be performed without much problem, even Windows Phone existing applications. 

However, Thomason says "to market is exceedingly slow," said mobile business at Microsoft. Such as planning job cuts massive for Nokia business contraction, the company's still unstable situation. 

● Summary 

According to said Thomason, correct the OS is not the only one. Disadvantage and quality is something none similar, but important point companies should consider eventually, but user satisfaction. 

"Users seek's the ease of use of the application. Not necessarily the person who put out on the market sooner and win," he said. 

Thomason told if the company is to consider the mobile OS, the user needs to be viewed from the point of view of the terminal or application, it conditions and security costs, and will be an important element.
iOS、Android、Windowsでビジネス向けに最適なOSは? 無謀なる問い掛けの結末

あなたの会社に最も適したモバイルOSはどれだろうか? IT専門家のマイケル・トマソン氏は先ごろ、「Android」「iOS」「Windows Phone」の3種の主要モバイルOSについて、それぞれの長所と短所を論じた。


●iOS、Android、Windows Phoneを人に例えると?

 米AppleのiOSはスーツをビシッと決めた都会派、米GoogleのAndroidはパンクロッカー、米MicrosoftのWindows Phoneはカジュアルな服装のビジネスパーソン――。そう話すのは、米ジョージア州で病院やクリニックを大規模に展開しているEmory Healthcareの主席システムアーキテクト、マイケル・トマソン氏だ。

 トマソン氏は、2014年7月にボストンで開催された「BriForum 2014」の講演で、これらモバイルOSの違いを論じた。同月発表された米調査会社Gartnerのリポートによると、2014年の世界全体のスマートフォン/タブレット出荷台数は24億台と推計され、Androidが11億台、Windowsが3億3300万台、iOS/Macintoshが2億7100万台を占めるという。






 2014年秋にリリース予定の「iOS 8」には、企業向けにIT管理者用の各種管理オプションも用意されているという。ただし、その実力については、IT管理者の観点から見ると、まだ多くの問題点が残っている。







 企業においてはAndroidのフラグメンテーション問題(OSバージョンの違いによる外観や操作性などのばらつき)も懸念材料だが、Googleはその対策として2014年にリリースされる「Android L」に管理インフラを組み込む予定だ。

●Windows Phone

 Microsoftはデスクトップとモバイル端末に共通のOSを目指しており、それを避けてきたAppleとは違っている(ただし、「iOS 8」とデスクトップ用「OS X Yosemite」では新たな連係が予定されている)。

 ハードウェアを「Microsoftらしく」統一していることは、WindowsモバイルOSの強みの1つだ、とトマソン氏はいう。企業の古いアプリケーションでよく使われているMicrosoftの既存テクノロジーとの連係もよいので、既存のアプリケーションをWindows Phoneでもあまり問題なく実行できる可能性がある。






iOS、Android、Windows 8はこう使い分けるべし
iPad、Androidと比較してWindows 8タブレットを選んだわけ

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