子供向け教育アプリメモ (子ども向けスマホ教育がスゴイ!)


子供向け教育アプリメモ (子ども向けスマホ教育がスゴイ!)

子供向け教育アプリメモ (子ども向けスマホ教育がスゴイ!)

Children Sumaho education is great! 

In recent years, education using a tablet or smartphone has become a hot topic. 2020 fiscal year, the Ministry of Education has set a target distribution of digital textbooks to children of elementary and junior high schools of all, connect to a TV or projector (electronic blackboard, real projector, and equipment reflect an enlarged materials or textbooks it plans to promote and installation of PC,), significantly change the learning style. Or if there is also the background, in companies and local governments, and has implemented a variety of measures. So I tried to examine the recent cases of children's Smartphone & Tablet education. 

<Efforts of companies> 
Large companies to start the leading education company, was not involved in the education business until now also entered. The provision of learning app's center, but an attempt to distribute the tablet for the scale-up have been made. 

● Gakken 
Launch of elementary school children learning the terminal "Manabodo" in collaboration with the Toys R Us in November last year. Learning items plus α in addition to print learning in Gakken classroom, learning support feature-rich, such as automatic scoring and video commentary is attached. It's how the learning content language, mathematics, English is paid periodically distributed. 

● Shogakukan 
Provides video distribution service learning from April last year, was intended for elementary school students members jointly attend classroom as "beach school" and "TV Dorazemi". Those that can watch videos lecturer of beach Gakuen lecture along communication corrections Shogakukan to "Dorazemi". Can be displayed as well as TV, PC, also in the tablet. 

● DeNA 
Intended for first grade from March this year, it provides communication education app to learn "language", "math" and "English" and "Apurizemi". A mechanism to download and use a dedicated app to smartphone or tablet of their own, and that continue to expand the scope of the future school year. 

● Benesse Corporation 
Launch of the original tablet terminal members for young children correspondence course of "Kodomo Challenge" from April this year. At the same time, I started tablet for educational services of elementary school students to "challenge touch". "Challenge touch" is something in the learning using the stylus primarily, that learn a dedicated tablet languages​​, mathematics, science, society, and English. In addition, "one middle course" in "medium two courses", for people who signed up in the year students, it provides a free original tablet of Junior High School Students. 

<Efforts of schools and municipalities> 
There are also measures to promote the Ministry of Education, local governments to distribute and lend a tablet to each student appeared one after another. In addition, there is also a place to incorporate the tablet also actively at the school level of the individual, class form called "inverted classroom" has also been introduced. 

● Tama-shi, Tokyo 
In sum Tama City Love Elementary School, and lent one per person iPad to all the students from October last year. you are doing a class through the large monitor by using the Wi-Fi and use of apps that are installed on the iPad. In addition, students in the preparation brought back home the iPad video files of lesson is on, it has implemented solving application problems while teaching at school that they did not know also "inverted classroom". 

● Saga 
As order to improve academic achievement of students, Ken obligated to purchase the tablet to enroll new students to the prefecture public high school in April this year. Also, in the prefecture Takeo, and prepare a tablet to all students in the city from the same elementary school in April this year, to determine the tablet introduced to all students in the city junior high school in the spring of 2015. It is a policy that is to proceed and "inverted classroom". 

● Osaka 
Announced aim of the implementation class using the tablet, such as elementary and junior high schools of the city in 2015 in Osaka. Also, in Ibaraki City, and carried out of it! "Tablet - Learn to touch ~" event that was held the "Children living Exhibition 2014" in August this year, was intended for their parents and 6th graders from the fourth grade of the city I'm planning to. It's saying that getting to learn the operation while playing with tablet actually children. 

Efforts to take advantage of the tablet and smartphone in these education is not limited to Japan. For example, France is full transition to digital textbooks in 2011, in 2013, South Korea that was aiming the tablet introduced in elementary and junior high school students of all. Is not a textbook of paper, children around the world, see the figure to study in tablet and smartphone also, but unlikely to be that of the so far ahead.












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