Veteran editors had their "note" to achieve one-stop communication and dissemination of personal, up to billing 

You can view the article about 4600 lines of columnist and creator at 150 yen a week "cakes". Piece of cake maker of cakes this is, was published on April 7 media platform for individuals to "note". 

In note, it can be published by posting a single platform called "note" the content (images and short such as Twitter) talk, (photos and illustrations), text, sound, images and movies. It's also possible that you can take to communicate with other users in the note on, you can put "Like!" similar to "like" the favorite posts, or to view the updated information on the timeline and to follow other users . To match the time zone and user preferences, and that recommendation also optimal content. 

Also, in addition to charges for the content unit, continued billing in the entire content has also become (billing to a movie and continue billing correspondence future) possible, and can be specified in free up to where I might be "fliers" If you want to charge . And settlement fees, 10% of the amount obtained by subtracting the settlement fee (5%) from the sales price is the sales commission of the content. Settlement means I only current card, but I corresponds to the settlement of various means in the future. 

"Where can work comfortably is creator of the individual, you want to place in the business here, and that to eat rice" - Kato SadaAkira Mr. Piece of cake Representative Director, CEO says. Kato entrepreneurship in After involved in editing magazines and books, e-book with a diamond company and ASCII. I published the cakes in 2012. 

cakes's platform content of celebrity has become central. But Kato said that he was also interested in making a platform that can be originated in the individual anyone from that time. If you have writer has issued a book "For example, fans are buying it. But magazine is a place" and "encounter for. Writers they happen to have the series is also a magazine writer, book a place of" Communication and I wanted to also proposed for individuals, what was said this. '"(Kato) 

Kato think place of such meeting, are you online function as a place of communication, whether not online salon or e-mail magazine. However, expressive power also poor in the e-mail magazine, question and answer corner to some extent interactive portions. Content becomes poor communication is at the center online salon on the other hand. Goodness of "web-interactive (as in online salon mail or magazine) Close" "location and, if you can integrate the place" open ", Mr. Kato of the present of the future what it can. At open, you can share preach that it "or not is the way to figure. Therefore, in the note, and that's to provide and use a single place that is open like Twitter or free blog, forum for communication for a fee, a place to sell the content for a fee. 

If you write this, you might think as well as services for the creators, but Kato has said even as "I want you to use a blog to personal feeling." Also I tried to use the demo actually, but it's nimble, such as posting of text (Kato had said "was conscious of Medium," but) has adopted a user interface very intuitive, and photos also only upload, so look decent. Aside or sell content in future pay, it would be good to try to use as a free blog first.


週150円でクリエーターやコラムニストの記事約4600本を閲覧できる「cakes」。このcakesを手がけるピースオブケイクが、個人向けのメディアプラットフォーム「note」 を4 月7 日に公開した。








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