「パズル&ドラゴンズ」の研究 アプリメモ


「パズル&ドラゴンズ」の研究 アプリメモ

「パズル&ドラゴンズ」の研究 アプリメモ

The secret of "Puzzle & Dragons" march forward 

■ Why grab someone by the collar repeater 
Game situation has also completely changed greatly. It is because you are to buy the software or game console expensive once enjoyed at home, but the smart phone (hereinafter referred to as smartphones) sits in the center of the device by now, software has to be able to download for free through the net. By such "evolution", and began to eye the sight Kyojiru the game regardless of location or age in recent years. 

Game industry achieve the transformation's a growth industry still no doubt. But, from the entry of IT companies also many, competition is tough. Among them,'s reign at the top by far the "Puzzle & Dragons (hereinafter, Pazudora)" which is of Gung Ho Online Entertainment. Since its launch in February 2012, the number of downloads continues to grow phenomenally, I have topped the (July 14) 29 million in the most recent really. 

The manner in which such a mega-hit wonder was born. I asked him about the idea first. According to Mr. Kazuki Morishita the company's President, there was the "destruction and creation" it. He, he was trying to destroy was beginning to spread by the entry of IT companies a "social game". Experience of doing social game's not likely Interestingly Mr. Morishita. According to the word of his, and because he hated personality in the perverse person originally, is to do the same thing with people. 

Mr. Morishita has proclamation "social game now is a card battle game all" he said. You can collect a strong card in Gacha, and hit each other in the parameter. In other words, a person who has become stronger with the money wins, remains relatively weak it is not able to. However, he considered that fact, users who are enjoying the game without charging is also a lot, and I want you to experience the fun of the game to these people. 

Game to make with Gung Ho requests the effort to the user. It is because believe that it make an effort and have them enjoy the sense of achievement then is the best part of the game. That good of a story is also important of course, but there are aspects of heterogeneous Unlike movies and dramas, that act with independence in the game. I was thinking and, if so, it is possible to make an effort to proactively and to obtain a sense of accomplishment as the result is the most important. 

More than you are deploying as a business said, to ensure proper revenue is imperative. It can be seen as a slogan, but the user if all enjoyed the game without charge, to be important to the user the effort with no billing, becomes a volunteer organization company. 

When asked about the side, in the case of Pazudora, magic stone of 100 yen one is, therefore, no longer the main source of revenue. In addition, we character-marketing that derive from it, character goods, which is the market of ever amounting to about 450 points. In addition, we are also providing software and arcade machines (Pazudora Z) Nintendo 3DS for (Paz de la Battle tournament). In other words, it was developed with one source multi-use brands that supreme Pazudora, that we're working to prolonged life cycle. 

Why here to wonder what has become popular this game. Go back to the origin, I would like to think about the contents of this game. Content specifically, it is a game that combines role playing game action (hereinafter, RPG) and. The user's move it as you like in 4 seconds your own puzzle blocks called drop, but must be considered to be what is connected to the combo more How When you move with bird's-eye view the entire drop to come to fall in the meantime . I have the side of the action games that require reflexes in that sense. 

Also aspects of RPG, lies and the process used to explore the inside of the dungeon, collect monsters, development, synthesis, and continue to add. The service start of the game, monsters about 200 bodies were only been provided, but it is increased to about 1300 that number now. Currently, we add the high pace of 50 bodies in almost a month, it's has continued for more than two years. 

I have preached the concept of "changeable" is important for prolonged habitually, business. Disneyland's boasts a flourishing long-term, because it is adding an event attractions and new always so that it does not fall into a rut. Morishita president, that was a Disneyland was modeled most of the company founding. Attraction, as well as events such as Christmas and Easter also change the clothing successively, keep an repeater in Disneyland. Such efforts will serve as a reference, and he is a frequent addition of monsters in Pazudora. 

By the way, in theory, the at the time of product development, understanding of needs is essential as a precondition. The company, when you produce this mega-hit, I wonder went kind of marketing research. Surprisingly, "and I do not do anything" It was a thing of (Mr. Morishita) results. So it gave me a quick answer as "intuition is" As a result of a rude question with "What's the intuition." 

However, even if I say "can", it is not the kind of doctor mere whim. It's is based on the original experience of the president all. For example, a child, and catch a large beetle, "Where? I caught this huge beetle," said draw curious stares from friends. When you think of the scene, and come up with interesting Once assembled monsters to grow rapidly. According to Mr. Morishita, all the things you saw in a dream, and that you have experience in the entertainment and watch the movie is to the original experience, originality that come out from there. 

Morishita himself, is a game designer, you are directly involved in the development of the product. If you come up with the direction of the concept and how to play the core of the game, the actual process, start to consult employees and to it which seems to most sympathy. For example, in the case of Pazudora, and determine the direction that you make with an emphasis on part intuitive to make a theme of going and an action RPG, because it delivered to the smartphone, open up a dialogue with two people. The outline is determined, it's going to the details and to launch the team from there. Morishita president himself is making all the specifications of the game. The idea has become the cornerstone of when you work out it is, 5 Tsuda "intuitive", "innovative", "attractive", "continuous" and "dramaturgic". 

It's characteristics as "intuitive" and understood at the moment the user watching the game even if there was no explanation of the game. The intuition that this is replaced by the word texture. It's such that either be viewed intuitively how the reaction to their own actions. 

"Innovation" is to develop a new game which does not exist so far. Pazudora is very ideal, but by combining the action and RPG, was born in the innovative game not so far. 

I mean "attractive", it is whether there is a charm reminiscent of that you want to use to the user. Not to mention, there is a fun game of grasp of visual surface components. 

By performing as described above, to collect the monster, development, synthesis, such as adding, "continuity" thing to get to as you play longer. 

"Dramaturgic" means to achieve the goal of the game. Is that what that either produce a joy when to set a target to users, and achieved it. In Pazudora, you are doing a production like can feel that the user to increase the degree of training, it is improving. 

Pazudora megahit that was created in a way that to follow all of these keywords. Among them, Mr. Morishita is to emphasize among other things, that it's "intuitive". In fact, the pleasure when moving the drop, it seems a part that was very important to, again and again that it has a reworked before commercialization. 

■ services face-to-face simply because it is the online world 
The company has been focusing much on promotion. It is a frequent TV CM, rather than intuition, scientific approach based on the data are taken in the process. In fact, you have been carrying out research of the user sequentially, you can figure out how not be dubbed what layer now, you have or perform A / B testing (split run test) for advertising creative. The We're trying to make sure that flow develops and sorting creative compelling force more, be to verify this result. 

In TV CM of Pazudora, laid to the front main-character, it is the compelling content that magnificent music flows. BGM of the game I hear that tap sound, but that is putting the orchestra in order to produce a magnificent feeling more in TV CM. 

That the era of IT, such as the prime now, and that focus on TV CM also was surprising, but I was surprised it's that it does not go nearly efforts of SNS. Not the case in any way as say that we have possession of the Twitter account, you have the information originating from there, of whether they make effective use of it. It's offline events's efforts in contrast. (Winner is determined by the Tokyo Big Sight on May 25 this year) was about to when I heard a story just in the middle of the 2nd Paz de la Japan Cup, we are a local tournament in seven locations nationwide . 

From the above, the company is found to have been practicing marketing dark color very analog. Morishita said he "means of communication, uses the real thing" he said. It is to symbolize the analog of the company, it's a way of communicating the president. President of a leading can be called the darling of the era, without using the mail almost, and that he is doing the speaking and direct telephone. 

During the event, appeared on stage wearing a costume himself president, and that speaks to the user in their own words. President himself, put a wry smile as "...... not mean doing I like," but, according to Hashimoto Hiroyuki the company's New Business Development Office chief, it is that it is of the "wearing a costume all the time." 

For this reason, Morishita says, "Because it is the world of. Online we making hand side is also human, and our customers because it is human, and provides services that face-to-face in reverse, I want to talk with life-size" he said. In the case of the sale of Pazudora of Z for Nintendo 3DS, that you went to retail stores real, to teach children the way the game is also a so certain. At that time, the children would pull president of suits also came out suddenly. Therefore, wearing a costume, and he will be described in a friendly style. 

In achieving further growth in the future, the company is regarded as an important issue global development. Currently, Pazudora is to expand the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. For example, the first place sales ranking in GooglePlay the AppStore in just three months and released in January this year in Hong Kong in the North American market the combined United States and Canada, total downloads and also, more than 3 million in March this year acquired. 

The future can be inferred, and to proceed vigorously globalization in this momentum, but Mr. Morishita, explains, with great Jikai. This is not the case. By country, and the delivery and say there is no guarantee that sell overseas to say to say the game is because the nice "pure, because you are selling in Japan. Sales whether builds up simply and the global expansion This is because have to change the way ". 

In fact, Europe also Garake state of Japan in the past in North America, software of Google for Apple and put out, but Google for, nor put out by China, which depend on the model of the user is too strong too, all models corresponding that it is not realistic. 

In addition, is important, the company's game, but the point is not "selling out" system. As well as delivery of content, revenue can not be obtained service neat is not able to provide, surviving he can not. In other words, If you do not fix the operating system that there was in each country to advance, long-running business is not possible. 

The well aware of problems like this, the company is working to global expansion in a step-by-step fashion. As a result of this effort, the day to deliver the experience fun and excitement the same user in Japan that was experienced by people around the world one will come. And it will be lead to the company's revenues, it will lead to refined service further.































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