課題が山積する「ウェアラブルデバイス」 普及はまだ先


課題が山積する「ウェアラブルデバイス」 普及はまだ先

課題が山積する「ウェアラブルデバイス」 普及はまだ先

Have a full agenda "wearable device" spread still ahead 

Has attracted attention in recent years as the "next" smartphone "wearable device". Effort is in progress and Google announced the "Android Wear" new. However, it is not the situation you want to break larger still. I wonder what kind of place challenges of wearable device. 

● Why wearable device is noted that 

IT equipment and used to wear, can be utilized for a variety of applications, wearable device. It has attracted great attention in recent years, popularity seems to be growing. 

Why, wearable device or came to attention. The second reason is one's evolution of hardware. First, it to a realistic size without discomfort, it is now possible to reduce the size of the device can be wearing. By the development of sensor technology, it is now possible to operate in response to various factors and tilt motion, sound, etc. is large. 

The second reason, equipment to supplement the function of wearable devices, ie smartphones would be widespread. Even though technology has advanced greatly how much, there is still limited to that from the constraints of size, can be wearable device alone. By there to work with smartphone rich feature more, I became available to a variety of features that can not be realized as a single unit. In addition it can be said that on to work with smartphone, mechanism, such as "Bluetooth Low Energy", can wireless communication with low power consumption could also, has contributed significantly to the spread of wearable device. 

And, the third reason, the function of the smartphone itself thing has been saturated. It is said that from the fact that you have after 7 years from the original iPhone has already appeared, novelty functional is also lost, the evolution of the smart phone has been stagnant. Against this backdrop, those who seek the freshness of following, a translation began to focus on the wearable device. 

Even though a wearable device, the width is wide. A lot of people would be to imagine a device type of glasses and wristwatch. Some devices attention actually, those of such shape seems to many. Sony and "SmartWatch" series of Samsung Electronics "Gear" series has been on the market as a wristwatch-type device. On the other hand, it is in the non-release in general as eyeglass-type devices, but Google "Google Glass" has become popular. 

Each company is actively promoting the development of wearable device. Recently, it has been noted as a major movement among others, was announced developer event of Google which was held on June 25, 2014 in the United States time in "Google I / O" It's "Android Wear". This is the Android platform for wearable devices such as wristwatch. 

Since the conventional, OS wearable device for generic not exist so much, companies, was supported by, for example, or to mount the thing or mounting the OS of its own, with customized Android. But the fact that Google with a high market share in the smartphone OS has provided Android Wear, it became easier to develop a wearable device by the manufacturer in conjunction with the Android smartphone. 

In fact, two models of LG Electronics as "G Watch", Samsung Electronics of "Gear Live" has been on the market already, can be purchased through Google Play in Japan. Considered equipment equipped with Android Wear is appearing more in the future, that the variation is large spread is expected. 

Further, efforts to utilization effectively wearable devices that are provided are also being actively promoted. The May 26, Sanin, Sanyo smart tourism projects Promotion Council and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications China Bureau of Telecommunications has conducted a demonstration experiment of tourist information with (= Augmented Reality augmented reality) AR with the help of Google Glass . Specifically, by using the "guidance for Google Glass Flat" SoftBank Mobile has developed, I went driving directions by displaying in Google Glass on the tourist information of the A-Bomb Dome near Hiroshima. 

● challenges abound, also of concern "Voyeur" 

In this way, the movement towards the development and utilization has been activated, wearable devices that draw increasing attention. However, say products appeared on the market actually on the other hand is whether the popular, that's not necessarily the case's current status is. 

This is because, first, it can be mentioned that the user benefits of making use of the wearable device is not yet clear. For example, many functions in a wristwatch-type device, up-to-date information on your smartphone such as the new mail, that can be checked quickly. It would be reality and is said to this, it is convenient indeed if Mire use it though, and you want to achieve and to purchase an expensive device, More people feel that it is not the case that there are many. 

And another is that big still disadvantages compared with existing devices. For example, if a wristwatch-type device, operating a few days in the battery, but when compared to watch normal running, there is inconvenience that must be charged diligently years months ~ with one battery. There is also no small voice for efforts in terms of functionality is priority now, that poor design. 

The eyeglass-type device, in development is the only many, many more challenges. For example, even in trials in Hiroshima earlier, Case Battery Google Glass is will be broken during the experiment, that you can not use has occurred. Also from the people who experienced, voice "tends to be slightly above the display position of Google Glass, and to see the display, it is necessary to increase the eye line, feet disappear distracted in there" is also not come out were. 

And one more thing, that the discussion of the ethical in the wearable device has not progressed yet Besides, I also want to be worried about. For example, a watch-type device of some, since the camera function is installed, the voice you are concerned about the voyeur was also raised. In addition, since even in the eyeglass-type device, the implementation of a mechanism to recognize the face of the person in front of the eye, to obtain personal information is not impossible, it would place the discussion of social impact is required. 

Wearable device's status while the topic is high, the-market, that just stood up at last. Issue to be clear on both sides still hardware and software in many cases. Reason alone, I feel that in order to be in existence that many people use on a daily basis, the possibility of long still time-consuming and do not higher.
課題が山積する「ウェアラブルデバイス」 普及はまだ先

スマートフォンの“次”として近年注目を集めている「ウェアラブルデバイス」。グーグルが新たに「Android Wear」を発表するなど取り組みが進んでいる。しかし、いまだに大きくブレイクする状況にはない。ウェアラブルデバイスの課題はどのようなところにあるのだろうか。




 2つ目の理由は、ウェアラブルデバイスの機能を補う機器、すなわちスマートフォンが広く普及したことだ。いくら技術が大幅に進んだといっても、サイズの制約から、ウェアラブルデバイス単体でできることにはまだ限界がある。そこでより機能が豊富なスマートフォンと連携することで、単体では実現できない多彩な機能が利用できるようになったのだ。またスマートフォンと連携する上で、「Bluetooth Low Energy」のように、低消費電力で無線通信ができる仕組みができたことも、ウェアラブルデバイスの広がりに大きく貢献したといえる。


 ウェアラブルデバイスといっても、その幅は広い。多くの人は腕時計型や眼鏡型のデバイスを想像することだろう。実際に注目を集めるデバイスも、そうした形状のものが多いようだ。腕時計型デバイスとしてはソニーの「SmartWatch」シリーズやサムスン電子の「Gear」シリーズが市場に投入されている。一方、眼鏡型デバイスとしては一般には未発売ではあるものの、グーグルの「Google Glass」が人気となっている。

各社は、ウェアラブルデバイスの開発を積極的に進めている。中でも最近、大きな動きとして注目されたのが、米国時間の2014年6月25日に開催されたグーグルの開発者向けイベント「Google I/O」で発表された「Android Wear」だ。これは、腕時計型などウェアラブルデバイスに向けたAndroidプラットフォームである。

 従来、汎用的なウェアラブルデバイス向けのOSがあまり存在しなかったことから、各社は、独自のOSを搭載したり、Androidをカスタマイズしたものを搭載したりするなどして対応していた。だがスマートフォン向けOSで高いシェアを持つグーグルがAndroid Wearを提供したことで、メーカーがAndroidスマートフォンと連携したウェアラブルデバイスを開発しやすくなった。

 実際、すでにLGエレクトロニクスの「G Watch」と、サムスン電子の「Gear Live」の2機種が市場に投入されており、日本でもGoogle Playを通じて購入できる。今後もAndroid Wearを搭載した機器が多く登場すると考えられ、そのバリエーションが大きく広がることが期待されている。

 また、提供されているウェアラブルデバイスを有効に利活用するための取り組みも、積極的に進められている。5月26日には、総務省中国総合通信局と山陰・山陽スマート観光プロジェクト推進協議会が、Google Glassを活用してAR(=Augmented Reality 拡張現実)を用いた観光案内の実証実験を実施した。具体的には、ソフトバンクモバイルが開発した「ふらっと案内 for Google Glass」を用い、広島の原爆ドーム周辺の観光情報をGoogle Glass上で表示して道案内を行った。





 眼鏡型デバイスは、開発中のものが多いだけに、いっそう課題は多い。例えば先の広島における実証実験においても、実験中にGoogle Glassのバッテリーが切れてしまい、利用できないというケースが発生していた。また体験者からは、「Google Glassの表示位置がやや上になりがちで、表示を見るには、目線を上げる必要があり、そちらに気を取られて足元が見えなくなる」という声も出ていた。



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