革新あるか? 初代iPhone米国発売から7年


革新あるか? 初代iPhone米国発売から7年

革新あるか? 初代iPhone米国発売から7年

7 years have passed today, since it was (in the context of today. Difference Fri 29 Jun 2007) first generation iPhone 2007 年 (GSM version) launched in the United States. Because there is no GSM network, six years have passed since the iPhone3G (gold) is also sold in the world in relation to the earliest of the time difference on Jul 11, 2008 next day in the Japanese market. 

Seven years since then, the world has changed a lot. Feature phones in Japan was the standard, which is also referred to masochistic Garake own and (Galapagos Mobile), Galapagos nation, smartphone came to be called by the abbreviation of its own just as a "smartphone". The earphone of white Sasari ears of the people, while listening to the iPod, the sight of the train, had a paper medium in hand (2008 in Japan) before 2007. It's books and magazines and newspapers. However, later, in the hands of the people, the transition to a "smartphone", while "viewing" a smartphone, you are Kyoji messenger and SNS games, news, such as LINE in hand. Even while they emerged in society realistic, always, attached straps on the side that is in the cloud in the "social" interest in mind. 

Anymore, and I feel it much without hearing even music in relation to battery, More people to silently read the screen without the earphones has increased. In addition, up to snatching an accident of "walk smartphone" occurs frequently, aimed at the "walk smartphone" have appeared. 

In iPhone3G of 2008 and the original iPhone in 2007, it was functional even copy and paste can not be. However, even where there is no Wi-Fi network, and paid apps and free apps, purchasing behavior that could not be a place that can be Internet access using the communication network of the carrier, only to purchase the music in itunes is, the application software no market, that Sumahoapuri also was born. Was a revolutionary, it was not structured face the stock, it is not even made package, by Apple to manage all distribution, sales of 70% would be credited to the programmer. Apple will exploit 30% (laughs). It is also the flow regardless also can be a private company, instead people who sell a tens of millions of yen individual was born, deflation of the application software was promoted at once. And, all, the mechanism of social structure that is fully controlled by Apple was formed. 

The software of Adobe, package business that Adobe Suites is hundreds of thousands of yen to collapse, it is no longer forced to transition to monthly billing model, Google that Android, to some extent, it created a mechanism of platform entrusted with degrees of freedom, I was changed to instead of MicroSoft was the nemesis of former Apple. 

Once, even that was in the outside directors of Apple's Eric Schmidt of the former CEO of Google, come visible as the fact that it is not impossible to do now. The IT industry, while shaking hands with the right hand, the left hand, aspects that are each other's beat is always accompanied. A rival, it is of an ecosystem that is the ally. 

Finally, and today rumors of iPhone6 ??also comes to be seen here and there well, these days .... 
I will, if you guess from the Release Date of the past, September 14 2014 (gold) per, I feel rich most are doing. 
All, Friday's the Release Date of iPhone past. 

iPhoneGSM: 29 月 06 日 2007 (Fri) 
iPhone3G: 11 月 07 日 2008 (Fri) 
iPhone3GS: 19 日 06, 2009 (Friday) 
iPhone4: 24 日 06, 2010 (Thursday) 
iPhone4S: 14 月 10 日 2011 (Fri) 
iPhone5: 21 月 09 日 2012 (Fri) 
September 20 iPhone5s & 5c2013 (Fri) 

Already, in the version rushes to the sixth generation, tablet and TV, which are connected to the HDMI terminal, a clock, also, that each category further, I wonder if coming generations of one day, to be aggregated? 

2007, as I write this column to me is, .... 

"I have been made ??to appear a new interface on the Macintosh" mouse ", in Newton," gesture ", the iPod" scroll wheel and touch wheel ", the iPhone called" Multi-Touch "" 

"While the mobile terminal manufacturers put a QWERTY keyboard, where the computer manufacturer, to adopt a soft keyboard is a unique idea" 

From the company name, "Apple has to truncate the computer, but the new-concept of" digital hub in the sense of .... Broad sense, such as that by the iPhone, and connecting the TV and the wireless LAN by. AppleTV can be connected to a PC mobile "but I started "


Soon, I think it not only evolution schedule of mere soaring,'s about time a drastic change is needed. Future that can be expected user Nantes uninteresting. Hopefully sincerely, not the idea of user demand, and I want you to hard sell to users with the ability of its own Apple. Rather, the future might be a era user API is released not by Apple to make creation.







iPhoneGSM: 2007年06月29日(金)
iPhone3G: 2008年07月11日(金)
iPhone3GS: 2009年06月19日(金)
iPhone4: 2010年06月24日(木)
iPhone4S: 2011年10月14日(金)
iPhone5: 2012年09月21日(金)








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