「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復、伏兵はLINE 半年先不明


「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE 半年先不明

「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE
9 million people break through mixi rapid recovery in the user "Monsuto", ambush the LINE 

Performance membership social networking site which fell into the red (SNS) leading, Mixi is recovering rapidly. Tow to (seal of approval) billing revenue "monster Strike (aka-Monsuto)" of the smartphone game (high-performance mobile phone) for. User's momentum on the heels of "Puzzle & Dragons (Pazudora)" in the smartphone game for the Gung Ho Online Entertainment that topped 900 million people in the world, was a big hit at about 9 months from the launch of October last year. However, there is also a voice that concern the management of ups and downs is to ask the intense game, "next move" is being questioned as early. 

"Individual investors had checked frequently, when Monsuto are to pull out Pazudora". Game makers officials point out this. May 15, Monsuto took the top spot from Pazudora the first time in the sales rankings of Apple apps (application software) site of the "App Store". 

Then, upward trend is followed by stock price of mixi. One o'clock, and with a 19,640 yen 2,600 yen the previous day, was approaching 2 million units in the June 18 before the stock split. As compared with the closing price of the same day one year ago and (¥ 1,456), it's nearly 13-fold. Fall in the final deficit of 200 million 53 million yen in April-June quarter of 2001, mixi the surface of the downturn. This is because the demand is deprived of the U.S. Facebook in SNS, the rise of emerging powers LINE of smartphone for free calls, e-mail services such as (line) is also sounded. 

And take off to the president to change Yusuke Asakura from Mr. Kenji Kasahara founder to June 13. One of the new businesses Asakura is laid out was a game for smartphones. Monsuto's Sumahogemu to become the fourth work. It can be enjoyed with friends and convenience is called popular, Monsuto topped 300 million people users in February this year. Expand in Taiwan from May, and is increasing in leaps and bounds 8 million people to June 4, and 9 million people in the 24th. 

Contribution to performance is very large. The bulge to 40 billion yen of about 3.3 times in the year ended March 31, 15 years in the planning, consolidated net sales was 12.1 billion yen in the year ended March 31, 14 years, the bottom line is also 6 billion yen from a loss of 200 million 27 million yen I converted to surplus. It is expected Monsuto is churn out about 30 billion yen of sales, voice "mixi is a leading Sumahogemu now" and (industry participants) also leak. 

In the 24th this month, Morita Hitoshimoto executive officer that presided over the launch of Monsuto was appointed president. And get all fired up to be "go spread (such as China) and overseas expansion is 2002". On the other hand, Pazudora of smartphone for was achieved 28 million downloads in the only country in May. Kazuki Morishita, president of Gung Ho Show confidence "Pazudora is not in the downward phase yet" he said. 

However, the figure of the ambush also flicker in the smartphone game for. I LINE. 9 title exceeded 10 million downloads of the game service in the "LINE GAME", gained popularity more than 43 million downloads "LINE POP" of this. 

Billing revenue also increases as the number of downloads is often Sumahogemu. For this reason, the game makers to introduce a huge advertising expenditures. However, it is recommended to know for the user play together, games LINE is growing at composition the download is extended. It's strength's serves as a "billboard" is the users themselves. 

The Sumahogemu industry voice of the "can not read at all what has been hit half a year destination" is also leaking from the game developers. It is not a wonder when even leading role change happening, of Monsuto "next" is becoming to affect the future composition of mixi.

「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE







 ただ、スマホ向けゲームでは伏兵の姿もちらつく。LINEだ。ゲームサービスの「LINE GAME」では9タイトルが1000万ダウンロードを突破し、このうち「LINE POP」は4300万ダウンロードを超える人気を集める。



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