アマゾンのスマホが買い物の常識を変える? (3D認識技術)App


アマゾンのスマホが買い物の常識を変える? (3D認識技術)App

アマゾンのスマホが買い物の常識を変える? (3D認識技術)App
Amazon smartphone to change the common sense of the shopping? 

June 18, we announced the company's first smartphone to "fire phone" (sales in Japan yet) the U.S. Amazon. It is said that while there is a voice to capture the smartphone market of existing not easy, also that there is an impact to change dramatically the world of shopping. Will there What features fire phone? 

Features of fire phone maximum would be 3D recognition technology than anything else. From an image captured by the camera, fire phones have the ability to recognize that it is a product. For example, if you take a picture with a camera some magazines and books, it is possible to analyze that what the book it immediately, and to shop at Amazon immediately. Making it possible to recognize the item over 100 million already, and not only mono-character bar code or because the target of the image recognition, it is possible to also search items phone number or . In addition, it will be able to also be aware of the music suffering, analyzes of who called what the song, such as purchase and download directly. 

These technologies become more widespread, there is a possibility that the concept of shopping for the user changes. In the past, act to go to the store to have the purpose of shopping, there of choosing products was required. This does not change in the net mail order basically. But online shopping is to analyze the behavior history of the user, and from so as to propose a recommended product, the situation has changed. Users do not have a purpose of shopping, I began to lead to purchase. You may spur at once to this trend fire phone. 

All, will be subject to shopping thing the user touches the eye on a daily basis. The fire phone, so you can save in the cloud unlimited image the user has taken, Amazon side a thorough analysis of these images, you'll Tracking down features of the consumption behavior of the user. Become a state in the end, than even user himself that know a lot about the user, you should be coming to propose the perfect recommended product. In addition, it will ensure that information of these consumers, is shared with manufacturers such as, come enters also in the field of product development. 

Price of fire phones $ 649 if there is no communication agreement. And it is in the case you want to buy a set with the communication line from the U.S. mobile phone giant AT & T, and from $ 199 in the two-year contract. It is cheap enough considering the function in which they are installed, but not a strategic price when compared to the Kindle e-book. If you are going to spread if, likely to be those with gradually would be high.






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