iWatch 米アップルのスマートウォッチ、広達電脳が7月本格生産


iWatch 米アップルのスマートウォッチ、広達電脳が7月本格生産

iWatch  米アップルのスマートウォッチ、広達電脳が7月本格生産

Smart watch of Apple, Cyber ??our Hiro (to full-scale production in the iWatch Taiwan) July full-scale production = Officials

From July, <2382.TW> to start full-scale production of the first generation of smart watch <AAPL.O> Apple laptop is one of the world's largest (PC) contract manufacturer, our Cyber ??wide of Taiwan - Taipei on the 20th (Reuters) . Officials familiar with the situation said on Tuesday. That will be available in October.

Apple expects the 50 million unit sales of one year after its release. Is expected to Cyber ??wide who you are doing the test current production is the main manufacturer, and that is responsible for more than 70% of the final assembly work.

Near, the surface of the screen is to overhang slightly arched rectangular screen, relationship muscle, spoke with and can be wireless charging.

I have seen similar to the Smart Watch is ahead, ready-to-use some of the functions, but the voice conversation or message and requires a connection (multi-function mobile phone, smartphone) to the smartphone.

The relationship muscle, revealed <034220.KS> is to supply exclusively screened for the initial production run LG Display of South Korea. Sensor to manage the pulse also is mounted, Heputagon of image sensor manufacturing based in Singapore that include suppliers.

Apple, Cyber ??our wide, LG display, Heputagon declined to comment both.
米アップルのスマートウォッチ、広達電脳が7月本格生産=関係筋(iWatch 台湾で本格生産へ)

[台北 20日 ロイター] - 世界最大手のノート型パソコン(PC)受託メーカー、台湾の広達電脳<2382.TW>は7月から、米アップル<AAPL.O>の初代スマートウォッチの本格生産を始める。事情に詳しい関係筋が明らかにした。10月にも発売される予定という。






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