スマホアプリゲーム(レトロゲーム) Appの値段


スマホアプリゲーム(レトロゲーム) Appの値段

スマホアプリゲーム(レトロゲーム) Appの値段
Smartphone Apps Games (retro games)

That bittersweet revives! Guests can enjoy in the smartphone retro game

It is the world that was not rocket mountain ...... boyhood and rail, are attracted. Master of the genre is selected, a topic that stimulates such, the "inner boy". I had also selected the best 5. Throbbing violently in the chest of those days revives!

◆ unreasonable and nostalgia. That bittersweet revives in the smartphone! [NES]

NES entertainer Mr. Fujita Call of the successor of Master Takahashi is also high. The mania is obvious sore After visiting his home. 2LDK room is filled with 17 000 this game software, living space of only one mat. I was in debt of 10 million yen or more for purchase of the game.

"Retro game'm great. Information can be reduced in the old days, I had to devise a technique to steady yourself. Anyone does not tell, and do not know what to prove. It'm dying because similar to life"

Age to be able to enjoy the game easily at smartphone now. Goodness of retro game what was lost?

"There are a lot of things you have to faithfully reproduce the game at the time actually in the smartphone. Because new features are installed, enter the road of retro games from the smartphone is also recommended!"

Just taking a lesson from the past. I heard recommended retro games that can be in the smartphone.

"One push is famous in" gate instant death. "It is" Every day graphics Bae Ranker ", degree of difficulty is high (laughs). Time hero'm die immediately, and terribly it to cross to the rope from the rope It was difficult. Once it is implanted in the smartphone, you are easier, you can now clear even for beginners "

Difficult surface for advanced users also remain, enthusiast beginner I enjoy.

"Runner-up in the" Kusoge "also" Karateka Classic. "This will be thousands of times die and do not know their own rules. Enemy without going through procedures pose of fight with bow It is instant death to the touch. because you have not written in the manual, is not it. life itself no choice but to find it myself "

Many men were taught the game to life. That bittersweet, outrageousness nostalgic .......

<Nostalgia game BEST5 you can do with a smartphone that 17,000 lines owned NES enthusiasts choose>

"(¥ 400 iPhone / Android) every day spelunker" 1 of
Leaving also fun at the time, it is equipped with new features such as Continue

"(¥ 99 iPhone 85 円 / Android) Karateka Classic" # 2
I can enjoy unspoiled the "Karateka". Instant death gate sore alive and well of course

3 of "Bubble Bobble Double (iPhone 500 yen)"
Can be two-person play in communication. Music is good, game-Rated

"(Application Torihoudai in iPhone 85 円 / Android ※ au Smart Pass monthly ¥ 390) Mappy" # 4
Cute mouse game that run from place to place from the cat. I was received at the time women

"(¥ 300 iPhone / Android) Dragon Quest" # 5
Can masterpiece that is inexpensive smartphone only. Sequel have appeared













<1万7000本所有ファミコンマニアが選ぶ スマホでできる懐かしゲーム BEST5>

1位「まいにちスペランカー(iPhone/Android 400円)」

2位「カラテカ・クラシック(iPhone 85円/Android 99円)」

3位「バブルボブル・ダブル(iPhone 500円)」

4位「マッピー(iPhone 85円/Android ※auスマートパス 月額¥390でアプリ取り放題)」

5位「ドラゴンクエスト(iPhone/Android 300円)」

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