教育現場のアプリ  「タブレットで授業」と「スマホ規制」


教育現場のアプリ  「タブレットで授業」と「スマホ規制」

教育現場のアプリ  「タブレットで授業」と「スマホ規制」

広がる「タブレットで授業」 アップル、MS売り込み激化

"class tablet" Apple spread, MS selling intensified

Movement to distribute the tablet devices to students in the classroom of the school, take advantage has been spread. In addition to dress studied at among students, there is an advantage of the learning according to the individual level, the effect is expected. Country has also been attempting to distribute one single tablet devices in all schools by 2020, Microsoft Japan and Apple (MS) is focused on selling to such Board of Education.

According to the research firm IDC Japan, shipments of educational tablet in Japan, of 2.9 times the turnover of the solutions market and system building 1.28 million units, 5.1 times the current, utilizing the tablet in '30 It is expected to expand to 75.9 billion yen. Yasuyuki Higuchi, president of Japan MS emphasizes the "very important in strategy. Long-term for me to use it and ask them to use our products since I was a child, even after becoming an adult."

Basic software of tablet devices in (OS), the number and quality of applications and operability "iPad (eye pad" of Apple is substantial.

On the other hand, there is strength in collaboration with PC software such as Word or Excel of MS is "Windows".

However, there is a problem is the widespread use of tablet devices in the field of education. There was also the voice because it was in the form of self-purchase terminal of \ 50,000 one in high school saga began teaching using the tablet from April, the burden is heavy and from parents. Opinion "requires a reduction in handset prices by the manufacturer and expansion of the auxiliary of the country" and (school officials) are also out in order to spread in earnest.
広がる「タブレットで授業」 アップル、MS売り込み激化





 ついに灘・麻布でも規制! 名門校教師も怖れるスマホの中毒性
Regulations in Nada, Azabu at last! Addictive smartphone is also fear prestigious school teacher

In Nada Kano school, school rules to limit the use of smartphone school is it was born. In Nada famous for Yeah yeah, respect for that freedom, the authority of student autonomy is large? If you are surprised, it is not just no way. Prestigious boys' school in the east, even Musashi and linen big three, the rule is that he is determined disabled or off, Nantes return, the parents can be confiscated ringtone when it rings during class smartphone in the school.

The only time being a long time ago, was in something Gorigori girls big three schools of the University of Tokyo in Japan Goukakushasu, "or the extent Wow ~ Na disappointing What Dasa~tsu!, Kimi, et al" to the students of linen and Nada It's feelings Te. Such as has become ineffective brakes on smartphone use at school, or "lack of sleep in the Son" or "smartphone dependent" or "declining academic standards", do such, Jan Futsu. It will say, along with co-Kose so.

Originally, and that school at that level, is also the proud a feature or virtually no such thing as the school rules, student self-government's active. Clever children, because I do not need something of adult intervention. I understand it and try to guidance once the children like going to school at that level. Adults and silence in front of the high intelligence, and "Let it does not interfere with these children", it becomes watch in silence as much as possible. It is, is also honored of adults who met the children of the emitted light of sharp intellect. The wrong of course because it is a child. But towards the correct answer or I dull rather that mistake is not transcendence squid, and course correction instantly to infer your own mistake, or me see you a straight face as if nothing happened. I do such should be a place for children with such terrible, that the school of that sides.

Until Garake era, the school also was showing a surplus of such kind. A bag of children, when in the classroom, and was brought into the place of learning, mobile phones become a commotion that it is a tool of bullying interfere with the lesson's evidence tail club of students there is weak. Child to be considered at the beginning of their own, nor spare time if not even stupid enough to have Kakazurawa~tsu such a thing first. School believe in the intelligence of the student and his he was "left to the autonomy" everyone.

As if laughing at the nose of the school regulations of this Nada, Tsukuba University Komaba middle and high have commented this. "The need to bother the school regulations of common sense such not be found". - Quarto, be nice after all brackets, Tukukoma!

But, But, prestigious school who should know carefully, "high IQ the height of the Pride" is the came out to Nantes action should be "Fast of the limitations of smartphone use" why bother. I feel like there is a significance towards the over there is really is. Although I him blow margin to Garake, That 's just what I did not bite on the smartphone. What, I wonder was allowed to remember the sense of crisis in the prestigious school heck of a smartphone?

Originally, and devotion to the various geek I like clever children from the old days, Forget performance Gataochi, also once I do the thing you want to experience. Doujinshi to idle in game special effects, in the middle of the night radio model railroad such as personal computer communication such as radio, anime. And I was laughing each other Nantes "Crock w" to each other by Ireage to bed and sleep as I forget, when it comes to time does become to be done properly, give balance out exactly. Teachers'm supposed've seen much, such a figure.

But, I think a smartphone and I ran, the diagonal of the top teachers of the veteran. Palm-sized computer is, but magic box that will satisfy the desire and interest to all clever children. About literacy is high, smartphone becomes more and more interesting in the true sense of the term and, as intellectual curiosity is high. Than in the classroom in the real world in the brain of their widely much, beyond space-time as well, and is easily connected to the people and information. The thing that is happening in the real world of teenage boys and girls to be absorbed in a smartphone without me even eye teachers of prestigious schools did remember the sense of crisis, and I think we was "another dimension level". The enthusiasm of the first time about feel "This is an abnormal situation" "It depends", we adults I think we were scared.

But, really "abnormal situation" Is it would be "dependent" What. In fact survey of students of metropolitan high school, he told me that he says sleep time has decreased in the Smartphone is 40% of high school students. And I heard taken Sucking 4 hours per day on average. Jobs I used to make a great toy. But I, precious four hours of Kimi from clever young, it's not if you are dedicated to the smartphone. Of such is good and if I leave it to ordinary man. Aesthetic wise Kimi whether forgive, the appearance of bad brackets are in their own situation should Nantes "dependent"?

The # do not be used as a tool, it will mon to use the tool. Let's do it away from the hand the smartphone quickly, to do. Clever you guys that the Seoeru Japan, I'll go to far destinations Jobs.
ついに灘・麻布でも規制! 名門校教師も怖れるスマホの中毒性


いちおう昔、東大合格者数日本一のゴリゴリ女子御三家校なんかにいた身としては、灘や麻布の生徒たちに対して「うわ、ダサっ! なんだがっかりだな~、キミらその程度か」てな気持ちだ。学校でスマホ使用に歯止め効かなくなっちゃったとか、「スマホ依存」とか「そんで睡眠不足」とか「学力低下」とか、そんなん、フツーじゃん。そこらのコーコーセーと一緒じゃん。









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