アプリ開発 無料で充電できるスポットをアプリでチェック


アプリ開発 無料で充電できるスポットをアプリでチェック

アプリ開発 無料で充電できるスポットをアプリでチェック
Do not panic even a sudden out of batteries! How to find a spot that you can charge the smartphone for free the latest

Become a have a mobile phone or smart phone, battery level becomes slightly, and from being attacked by anxiety unspeakable it would be why. Anyway, it's I think I want to ensure always only battery, it may be the first step of smartphone addiction.

It is becoming commonplace much say carry around a mobile battery now even the basic, but that could accidentally forget to carry around carelessly, or remaining amount is gone, there unexpectedly. It's Norikireru the time of such a pinch, it's charging spot. Once you have checked on a daily basis, it is not necessary to panic even when the need arises.

● surprising off the beaten track can be charged for free what electronics stores and carrier shop
Charging it for free basically au shops DoCoMo shop, such as Softbank shop, in a carrier shop. It is convenient to be able to use even when you forget the power cord along with the mobile battery further. There is also a store that is to charge service free of charge in the electronics stores.

● You can use the power at a restaurant and cafes and fast food outlets

I can charge at fast food restaurants

In fact, cafe fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger, such as Starbucks and Tully's also, many stores have set up electrical outlet that can be used free of charge. It is necessary that you're carrying a charging cable to use, but help in the case of emergency. Be able to wait to be charged while in the rest a cup of coffee it's bliss. It should be noted that in the counter seat of Mos Burger Shibuya Koen-dori shop I visited the other day, the iPhone charging cable has been installed, it's attentive like Shibuya. In addition, (Qi services to the had been prepared wireless charging that can be used in such as Android smartphone, I was surprised. There is also a terminal that can not be (some charge).

There is also a store that are available to (Qi wireless charging service

● Check app a spot that can be charged for free

Now, charging spots such as these stores, services and content existence of different outlets by store in chain store's nasty. So, to check or make a charge before entering the store, it's convenient to use the app, such as "Power Search".
"Power search" can Filter type to be searched. For example, the condition setting and only "Starbucks", and "remove the nail salon and fitness club" as it may be, I searchable without waste charging spot for your purpose. Further, it is possible to find also the spot of the wireless LAN, can be used even when Wi-Fi is required. However, because there is no meaning battery is gone before you can search the app, that point your attention.




●意外な穴場はキャリアショップや家電量販店 なんと無料で充電できる







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