The corresponding right now! Measures roundup for you do not go with damage takeover LINE
LINE was announced on the official website, that recently, reports that are used illegally free account Messe app "LINE" is taken over is increasing.

With an account that has been hijacked by fraud, seems to be the example and encourage the purchase of electronic money to "friends" of his While someone does not know, is used criminally, spread of damage in the future is concerned.

In LINE official home page, change password to everyone that as a suspect, such as the user credentials are not acting in any way to flow out from LINE, account information flowing out of the other services to be caused, has set the same password as the "third-party service I have been complaining of ask "of.

To begin with, there is the impression that is such as not being able to log in from more than one mobile phone, and use the peace of mind a relatively LINE, but others Will we be using the account of LINE illegally How do I. I tried together.

■ Add to the same account to log in at the time of a smartphone if the PC version

LINE will not be able to use the same account on a plurality of portable terminals. There is no log out function is to LINE, and do not cater to the thing such as' want to log in from a different smartphone "because the equal" Delete account "to stop the use in the terminal.

However there is also a PC version to LINE, by inputting the account information of LINE you are using, it is logged in at the same time even when using the LINE mobile. You can also You can also share a message similar to the mobile version, and to send messages to "friends", of course.

■ PC version is available If you leave the e-mail address registered with the LINE

You need before you can log the PC version and you must have registered your email address LINE. The registration of LINE, Facebook account is required or mobile phone number that line agreement, but the e-mail address is the state of unregistered service registration in both cases. By Enter the address you are using from the "e-mail address registration", to set the password of your choice, register for an account information. When you want to use from the PC version, e-mail address and password that you have registered when this is required.

■ Allowed login from a PC set of "address + password" is known

The LINE, you can log in by simply entering your email address and password if the PC version. At this time, authentication of the e-mail address and SNS does not occur. This means that someone in which a malicious once to obtain the address + password, and that it may be easily put to the account of another person if from the PC version. As mentioned above, that the user has registered an email address to the LINE Although there is the assumption.

Also when you log in to the PC version, notice that not come out especially to the LINE of mobile are using, has the property that it is difficult to notice others even logged into the LINE his illegally if. It is said that on the rise now as "takeover", and they will continue using the mechanism of LINE like this.

Based on the contents of the above, we have summarized below the person that is easy to encounter damage takeover in LINE. To take measures as soon as possible is recommended.

With people likely to meet the damage hijacking the LINE is high

· I have registered an email address in the LINE

As mentioned above, e-mail address is not registered in the LINE registration. So that people do not have to register in particular would be less risk of takeover. However as well as when using the PC version, register your email address is valid even takeover of account used to replace the terminal, such as model change change.

- I'm using the same address + password in other services

And just because you easy to remember, people are using the same email address and password in more than one service, it may meet to takeover when the account information has been flowing out of service somewhere.

In addition, combined with measures LINE is posted on the official website, I will introduce some measures to takeover seem valid.

■ 1 to its takeover measures

To change the password that you have registered to the LINE

As is described in the official website, how to change the password is the following.

Opening of 1 LINE app [other] → [Settings] → [account] → [e-mail address registration]

I open the Change Password 2

3 Enter the password twice to enter the "Current Password", you want to change to the new "new password", "confirmation"

■ 2 countermeasures hijacking

To change the password that you have registered with other services

It is a hassle, but if you have registered the same email address and password and account mail-order store and SNS, risk because it increases what people who use a lot of services of the net from the usual, let's review.

Following, I will introduce an example of a method of account information changes and services SNS typical some.

You can change the account (some service example)

-Change, "password" "Settings" from the gear icon in the top right-hand corner from Twitter user information screen

Or change in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen setting in, "password" "Settings" from the ▼ mark

-From password change in the page Yahoo! JAPAN "confirmation of registration information", "information registration" from (PC version) Home

· "To reset the password" Amazon, "setting account" from (PC version) Account page than the page

- Rather than "change registration" in the "password" Rakuten "check and change the contents of register" of "Management Information Member" from "change, information registered member" of (PC version) Home

■ 3 that measures to takeover

I turn off the "other terminal login authorization"

There is a setting that does not login from another terminal settings LINE. The possible setting "Allow login terminal other" into the account menu from "Other". It may be unsuitable for people who are using the PC version for yourself, you can prevent the login from the mobile terminal other than in use.

■ 4 that measures to takeover

I should log in to the LINE from "PC version

Since it is not possible to log in from more than one PC to the same account, you can prevent unauthorized use of the terminal from other Once you have logged in to the PC version on your own. In addition, you can notice immediately exploitation in case it is logged in from another terminal, because it can no longer be their trying to log.

Or would have been interested. It is in cases of information instead of that flowing out of the LINE itself hijacking of LINE, account information flowed out from somewhere that being exploited illegally. It said that it does not use those common net service more than one email address and password, and let's take action before you meet the damage prevention can be by do-it-yourself.
1 LINEアプリの[その他]→[設定]→[アカウント]→[メールアドレス登録]を開く
2 [パスワードの変更]を開く
3 「現在のパスワード」を入力し、「新しいパスワード」に新しく変更したいパスワードを2回入力し「確認」
・Twitter ユーザー情報画面から右上の歯車アイコンから“設定”、“パスワード”で変更
・Facebook 設定画面の右上の▼マークから“設定”、“パスワード”で変更
・Yahoo! JAPAN(PC版) トップページから“登録情報”、“登録情報の確認”ページ内のパスワード変更より
・Amazon(PC版) アカウントサービスページから“アカウント設定”、“パスワードを再設定する”ページより
・楽天(PC版) トップページの“会員登録情報・変更”から“会員情報管理”の“登録内容の確認・変更”、“パスワード”の“登録・変更する”より

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