iPhone and Android (アイホン と アンドロイド)


iPhone and Android (アイホン と アンドロイド)

iPhone and Android (アイホン と アンドロイド)

Apple showed , the biggest feature of the secret plan iOS8 of " overthrow Android " to " open up "

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ IPod touch is more than 100 million , iPad 2 more than 100 million , iPhone is also sold more than 500 million . However , things like not believe more is happening . It , in the past year , but also said that 100 million more than 30 million people who bought the Apple devices for the first time . Most people have switched from Android . They had bought the wrong Android phone . Better experience , they 've been moved to the iOS in search of a better life .

97% of iOS7 user is happy . Currently , people of 89% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS7 . In contrast , people who are using the latest kitkat in the case of Android 's just only 9% . People who are using a version of four years ago which can be called " ancient " in many cases.

And Android boasts a market share of 99% in malware in mobile . It is a device that can not be said to be completely safe . Why Apple Is not the case. It is because we have a best efforts it ...

When the presentation of the latest version of Mac OSX is the end , and then proceeds to introduce the latest version of iOS , Tim Cook , CEO , showed banging Google rival the " Android OS" as this .

From a global perspective , of course , there is no change in the predominance of Android . country iOS dominated less , Android device boasts a strong market share even in the United States homeland . I showed also a keynote speech in the special consideration is given to Chinese support , but the spread of the iOS is not seen in the Chinese market . Among the smartphone market matures , the foot of the user spreads , are you not been able to find a way that corresponds to the product of priced Apple .

■ Japan is also not in good hands
Japan, which boasts a market share of more than half the major carriers rolled sell iPhone all together , a country rather exceptional , but the future is not a peace where even . LTE support one way of is already , carrier aggregation newly ( By collecting communication plurality of frequency bands , KDDI has introduced already in the process . Japan to expand the communication bandwidth , will spread future ) new such as LTE-Advanced and I came into the transition to technology . That corresponds to a communication environment in which the situation is different in each region becomes iron is often Apple . There is a possibility that the person of the Android device to device manufacturers and carriers are likely to have collaboration , is advantageous in the future .

Of course , many manufacturers are crowded in the Android device market , there is no doubt that to maintain second place , second only to Samsung Electronics in the share of each manufacturer . Whereby so long as it is only for high-value-added terminal , number one position also will not be shaken . However , it is visible that you missed if you keep the horizons of market spread , one foot is compromised .

Now, how , Apple was armed with iOS8 is , I wonder promote peel Android user .

■ user interface that is polished
For iOS8 this , Apple was talking in the direction of following three . By improving the iOS, one be a better iPhone the iPhone. The Migakikomi the user interface design was changed significantly in iOS7, you are trying to enhance functionally . To see for each , the function of the individual 's attractive .

For example, photo manipulation , I would make it easy user interface with excellent , such as if the cut part of the iPhoto application , which has been offered as a standalone product so far . In addition , iMessage message exchange function can be added to the text, photos, or to reply with recordings audio and video and embed the location of the map application on . Siri of electronic secretary function to sift through information smarter , search function to facilitate access to information by expanding its width .

Whether finished in what is really easy to use these functions , the future , it will becoming increasingly apparent . However , instead of the idea of Apple original looks culmination of features that are evaluated in the world which new features and improvements .

It's Apple's changed the landscape of the world as the agitator of the smartphone era , as the ancien resume now , there is also the impression that enhance the standing position of the current . However , this might be a phenomenon symbolizes not the responsibility of Apple , the height of the maturity of the product genre of smartphone .

It is to be able to measure the direction of the second is also a foothold of the device which is based on the iOS. Called the Health Kit and Enterprise function is a presentation of the corresponding framework to health care services .

Terminal management function for large enterprises will be subject to the decline of the BlackBerry , which has been a specialty of enterprise so far , and that will catch firmly migration customers . Microsoft has been focusing the enterprise features , compatibility with the enterprise systems with a focus on Windows Server in Windows Phone 8.1, BYOD measures and centralized management of the terminal has been greatly enhanced .

■ Strengthening ties with corporate users
By enhancing share of business documents through automatic reply function out-of-office and management of the conference schedule , the cloud storage service of any , and security configuration management and centralized management of the terminal function , iOS8 also , corporate users against this I'm trying to Tsuyomeyo ties with . It is a field that so far has not turning Apple too .

Health Kit provides a function that will be the basis for enhancing the integration of the sensor with health care products that are raised in recent years , to carry out intensive management of data in iOS. just to carry the iPhone, I be able to get health care data , although some mechanism that works health care Connect with other iPhone , and fitness is provided .

Standard application paired with this " Health " is designed as a comprehensive application of health management . It's a wearable device of health care / fitness system has seen an upsurge , but to take advantage of them , it must be mastered an app that different in each . By creating a window that receives data from the sensor which in iOS, Apple trying 's grow into one of the new attractions of iPhone this trend .

Apple is incorporated in iOS8 also " Home Kit " as a function of the same . This is the interface for connecting the iPhone with ( all home appliances intercom and electromagnetic locks, lighting ) a variety of consumer electronics products with network control . Was announced last year , is going to be proposed in combination with the locatable iBeacon.

So that the underlying software as seen from a developer's point of view , I want to make a more attractive , a new application , the direction of the third , is to strengthen the development of infrastructure . It is part of difficult to see from the general consumer , but, in fact, Actually, I was most advanced in iOS8 is , it's this part .

First , Apple has added a feature to enhance the cooperation between apps . There was a significant limitation to the processing flow computer basis to combine multiple apps so far , and advance the work of one , but to provide a mechanism for cooperation while increasing security in iOS8. It can be expected on the premise that the application range of application extends to cooperate in doing so , also the appearance of the application more specialized .

It can be said that it allowed the development of a software keyboard to partner companies and topics . Add character input program , Apple did not allow instead inserted up to now , but this change , Just System is entered , for example if the Japanese , it is possible to provide ATOK iPhone, for iPad.

New graphics library called METAL interesting . So to speak , it 's like a ( widely used even . Non-gaming features provided by Microsoft for the game ) DirectX version of iOS . In order to become possible use more efficiently , the ability of smartphones GPU that strengthening continues, can be developed at lower power consumption , the software with elegant 3D graphics .

And visitors center developer 's excited the most , it's the introduction of programming language Apple originally called Swift. According to Apple it would become possible to improve the performance of the terminal also can be described now more simply , the iOS app full featured by using the Swift. There is no difference in the WWDC is a developer conference , a variety of sessions to be organized around this Swift.

That, as discussed above , mature smartphone market has progressed clear, that approach from the basic software side , causing great innovation has become a difficult situation . Smartphone to become a majority anymore , has become a social infrastructure , but because they embarked on the road to a symbol of power from the old symbol of the new forces .

So Apple is going to start the " release " of iOS. By committed part of the iOS to developers gathered under the iPhone / iPad, providing a space for a new market genre development , we propose a development environment attractive more efficient , with the aim to foothold as a platform I think that someone are .
アップルが見せた、「打倒アンドロイド」の秘策 iOS8の最大の特徴は”オープン化”

 ・・・・・iPod touchは1億台以上、iPadは2億台以上、iPhoneは5億台以上も売れた。しかし、もっと信じられないようなことが起きている。それは、過去1年で、はじめてアップルのデバイスを購入した人数は1億3000万人以上もいることだ。ほとんどの人はアンドロイドからスイッチしている。彼らはアンドロイドフォンを間違えて買ってしまった。彼らはよりよい経験、よりよい人生を求めてiOSへと移動してきた。












2つめの方向はiOSを基本にしたデバイスの足固めとも言える方策だ。エンタープライズ機能とHealth Kitと呼ばれる、ヘルスケアサービスへの対応フレームワークの発表である。

大企業向けの端末管理機能は、これまで企業向けを得意分野としてきたBlackBerryの凋落を受け、移行客をしっかり捕まえようということだろう。企業向け機能はマイクロソフトが力を入れており、Windows Phone 8.1ではWindows Serverを中心とした企業システムとの親和性、端末の集中管理やBYOD対策が大幅に強化されている。


Health Kitは、近年とくに盛り上がっているセンサー付きヘルスケア用品との連動性を高め、iOSでデータの集中的な管理を行うための基礎となる機能を提供する。iPhoneを持ち歩いているだけで、一部のヘルスケアデータを取得できるようだが、他のiPhoneとつながるヘルスケア、フィットネスとの連動する仕組みが提供される。


同様の機能としてアップルは「Home Kit」もiOS8に盛り込んだ。これはネットワーク制御が可能なさまざまな家電製品(電磁ロックやインターフォン、照明などあらゆる家電)とiPhoneをつなぐためのインターフェイスになる。昨年発表された、位置検出可能なiBeaconとの組み合わせで提案されることになるだろう。








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