Miss a little to big accident ! Security White Paper of us that live in the multi-device era

Including the smartphone to be owned by individuals , the business use of the smart device , " Bring Your Own Device ( below , BYOD) " so-called has been penetrated .

Goes without saying , smart device has changed the way of working of our businessmen . While the business use of smart devices increases even look at the survey of business-related . E-mail or phone , of course , the withdrawal of data and sharing of information . You do not have to choose a place to work access to the groupware if possible. It can be anything video conferencing to create a quick article , examine products , to presentation .

However , to those that are BYOD state as a result by Some place that is supporting BYOD as a company , there is no rule specifically defined , is used to work the smartphone of personal belongings somehow , the actual situation it may be said that it is different .

It is too convenient , therefore, it is also tempted to use the business carelessly , but it is a characteristic of BYOD case that small carelessness or mistake can lead to serious accidents is also often . At no point does the reason that because there is no rule that is determined , the company missed me and accidents mistake .

Simply because it is such a situation , where you want to hold as knowledge should have a minimum if businessmen security manners for multiple device era . In this article , I have heard that the conduct interviewed businessmen who live such a device multiple times , have in mind and how to use that . There is to be a teacher on the other hand " you've done " also episode in but , in the light to yourself by all means , you should take a look at security in modern manners .

● management to sloppy ! Debacle of multiple retention businessman

You heard the story this time , three worked for certain Internet service industry , that business take advantage of the smart devices. First , engage T 's sales positions from ( 39 years old ) .

While carry a notebook PC, T 's that you have to go out and travel and direct bounce that often , once and for all the " I think you have is made ​​of smartphone work most if business " . It is said for the PC of the company are prohibited from taking out to the outside , and do a business of almost all smartphone and PC personal items .

Sharing and consultation in a department that is carried out in groups of LINE and response e-mail becomes the main business carried out in the smartphone , it seems do the negotiation and presentation while showing the material to open the PC in the customers , but the trouble of T 's , it is in a place that is often the use of its own PC , smartphone , tablet PC from the company's overwhelming .

Is also a terminal Android tablets and smartphones , T 's that worry about the security to more than iOS app is only available in App Store ( basically ) .

Sometimes it is also possible to interact with SNS on not only members of the "in-house , is an important audience to interact frequently , but in . 'm Sometimes hijacked the account of SNS services are addicted to malware previously , various the ended up fuss various notification flying where , were some clients that have lost their trust in it. humans of a company that provides Internet service for sure , but it is not cool it's this . "

It is the T- san who reveals the horror stories of the past , "However , as a practical matter , the terminal to be used , we will more and more , and money I'll take it if it becomes subjected to security measures on a per-device basis . What should I do on earth with " how . While actively take advantage of the device increased, says security measures has become more and more neglect .

Of course , it is not only this . Stolen ID and password by phishing sites or malware , or allow login to the net bank in disguise , or to transfer to a specific account without permission , yet malicious , such as not to notice the even be infected with the virus in the terminal user There is also a thing .

I can understand the worries of Mr. T , but if multiplied by the balance of these risks and damage , it may apply the security measures for each device it might say the expense of the longer course . Security software can be installed on unlimited devices in one account as " McAfee rib safe" , you can centrally manage all devices also has come out in recent years . To devices corresponding increase , solution friendly to your wallet is what some .

個人で所有するスマホをはじめ、スマートデバイスを業務利用する、いわゆる「Bring Your Own Device(以下、BYOD)」が浸透しています。









スマホやタブレットはAndroid端末でもあり、(基本的には)App Storeでのみアプリが提供されるiOS以上にセキュリティには気を遣うというTさん。






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