決定打ない「スマート化」の今後(Future is not decisive of the "smarter")

Future is not decisive of the "smarter"
Or material running out "smart" . Or even , new areas or spread

My name is Samsung plans to announce soon a smart watch that can be call by itself .
By July smart watch that you can call Samsung , smartphone without rice paper and expected formal announcement news : JBpress ( Japan Business Press )

But I guess what about . Impression Smart Watch list type , has expanded its use as a health goods that measures such as the amount of activity , but otherwise , not only to your convenience goods of branches derived from smartphone still has not wiped . Market is said to be the fastest growing , shipments last year at 19 million units , compared with 12 million units of shipments of smart phones , and I have the feeling that a niche market still .
Even been able to call how , it will be able to substitute a smartphone . Pretty , wearable terminal also does not come appeared the concept of as quite decisive is , new applications and Ru Tokekome to life or will can not be found . From the image of the device of the time scoop hunter , if you remove the Time Warp function , it becomes a communication device just small .

If niche applications , I feel the possibility of more of a small venture with a sense ideas and Umidaseru products and systems unique . It may be areas not suitable for Samsung to be chasing scale , and challenged to a strong opponent in the least , take away market share in combat are good .
IWatch Apple product or great than the smart watch of Kairos - iPhone Mania

There is a rumor that Apple may come to release the iWatch now already but , in any form , or will come to provide any new applications . It is going to be a touchstone innovation force of Apple , the concept of creativity is what still remains .
[ Updated ] Apple iOS equipped watch " iWatch " up-to-date information [ price , specifications , images, video ] - NAVER Summary

It is Samsung opted to show momentum , such as the rising dragon in the smartphone market , to occupy the top market share , but dropped slightly to 31% from 32% in year-on-year market share , to peak soon in the first quarter of this year I let you feel that what led to . It seems that the challenge in various ways , but the new areas to be decisive is not Umidase and images Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer will overlap . To edged , might be going to be taken to the share of the smartphone manufacturer in China in this state .

However , Samsung is to demonstrate the strength of the other party to be defeat is have been fixed , you have to demonstrate competence does not go and we have goals that overthrow SONY as in the case of a 4K TV . It is a strategy pattern assortment and low offensive First, let's Possession , that will also build brand image .
Japan urges (1 /2) is driven by the low price of the offensive aspects of Korean force of the global price competition 4K TV , as early | Business Journal

But even if there are various initiatives and challenge and " smart phone after " and " tablet after " , decisive is not come out it is not quite as long as Samsung . Google also Apple also has or entered the automotive field , but markets such as this does not mean that open yet .

There was an article Apple , going to show at WWDC next week of the platform of " leading consumer electronics " of security systems such as lighting . World (Internet of Things) Internet of Things is likely to have begun to realize finally , it is attention upon this place that seems to clash with Google , what to take the distance between the consumer electronics manufacturers further , in order to check come out any business model , to see the sights , spectacular is quite likely .

サムスン、スマホなしで通話できるスマートウォッチ 7月までに正式発表の見込みと米紙が報道:JBpress(日本ビジネスプレス)


アップルのiWatchはKairosのスマートウォッチよりも素晴らしい製品か - iPhone Mania

【更新中】アップル iOS搭載腕時計「iWatch」最新情報【価格・スペック・画像・動画】 - NAVER まとめ


4Kテレビ、早くも世界的価格競争の様相 中韓勢の安値攻勢で追い込まれる日本勢(1/2) | ビジネスジャーナル


アップルが、照明やセキュリティーシステム等の「つながる家電」のプラットフォームを来週のWWDCで披露するという記事がありました。いよいよモノのインターネット(Internet of Things)の世界が現実味を帯びてきそうですが、こちらもグーグルと激突しそうなうえ、さらに家電メーカーとどう距離をとるのか、どんなビジネスモデルをだしてくるのかが注目され、見物するには、なかなか見応えがありそうです。

Apple entered the " smart home " is now

Such as home security systems that use " iPhone "
According to the report of the British Financial Times , Apple that is developing a home automation system that is referred to as a " smart house " or " smart home " .

Apple will hold the world developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on June 2 to 6 . External developers who work on app to work with hardware (OS) and the company's basic software , services , and equipment are a large number participate in this .

Apple In that venue , that it is planning to announce how it works with the software foundation of the home automation system .

If this is achieved , operation using iPhone and iPad (iPhone) and (iPad), home security system and lighting system that can control that appears .

Software infrastructure , external companies also available
Apple seems not to jointly develop a lighting system with an external company That said . Company to provide the software infrastructure to the last.

Manufacturers to adopt it , developed a device corresponding to each , such as iPhone , I sell . Financial Times is notify them that I thought that Apple wants to make such a mechanism .

There is the example that was similar to this is Apple . Vehicle system to work with iPhone " Car Play (CarPlay) ," said short-range wireless communication function "eye beacon (iBeacon) ," said .

In the former , the new models by major car manufacturers to release this year , When you plug in the connector the iPhone , you can activate the voice assistant " Siri (Siri) " and at the push of a button on the handle , touch the screen in the dashboard it becomes possible to take advantage of the iPhone app .

The car manufacturers to adopt this car play , some Toyota , Honda , Nissan , Mitsubishi , Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. , Suzuki according to Apple .

In overseas manufacturers , Peugeot Citroen group Volvo BMW Group and Mercedes -Benz of Germany , Ford Motor , the U.S. General Motors (GM), of Sweden , British Jaguar Land Rover , of France , Hyundai of South Korea also decided to adopt have .

Eye beacon of the latter , as a service of commercial facilities for indoor , Apple introduced its own store in the " Apple Store " first . For example, when a customer enters the store , I receive in the iPhone and store information, such as the map , and discount coupons . In addition, approaches to certain goods , to display photos of the product , video , price , reviews, information of social media .

In addition to the store side Once you have set up here and there the sensor terminal , it is possible to provide customers with detailed product information and special offers , it is possible to understand the behavior patterns of customers in the store , it can be used in marketing . Apple has developed the Apple store in the United States 254 locations this service . I have done the experiment of services using this technology in the JC Penney and Macy's department store in the U.S. major .

Certification mark system , also in Smart Home
Apple support to its products , thereby providing a certification mark and " Made for iPhone " in electronic accessories products to meet the performance criteria established by the company .

According to the Financial Times , to introduce a certification mark system similar to the smart home infrastructure the company to deploy new . In such products, the newspaper has been told and sold in the online store and the true store of Apple direct management .

Approach that is different from the Samsung
Seen in this light , the aim of Apple , said that it is likely expansion of ( ecosystem ) ecosystem surrounding the OS and hardware of their own . Smartphone year shipment forecast for this year by the U.S. IDC has published , forecast at about 1.2 billion units of 19.3% from the previous year , and slowed down as compared to last year , which was strong in the growth and 39.2% increase .

Against this backdrop , asked to develop an external company equipment and systems to work with their technology , and expand the use of the iOS platform . Apple seems to think such an approach .

It's a technique that is different from the South Korea Samsung Electronics dealing their own smart home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines .














 アップルは同社製品に対応し、同社が定める性能基準を満たす電子アクセサリー製品に「Made for iPhone」といった認定マークを付与している。






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