App研究 分析メモ例 (家計簿アプリ 自動資産管理アプリ)


App研究 分析メモ例  (アップル絶賛!病みつきになる家計簿アプリ 自動資産管理アプリ、Moneytreeを使ってみた)

App研究  分析メモ例  (アップル絶賛!病みつきになる家計簿アプリ 自動資産管理アプリ、Moneytreeを使ってみた)

App research analysis note(Household account book application automatic asset management application to become acclaimed Apple! Addictive, I've used the Moneytree)
The word startup has begun established in Japan . Service startup may look to the new service , the business model can be classified into several types . In conjunction with the point how much of whether the expected growth of the business areas of the service , we will introduce in this series its business model .

FinTech ( financial startups ) Feature 3rd We asked to talk to Paul Chapman of Money Tree president that operates Moneytree listed in the concept of " Assistant of smart money ." By the way, the app has been chosen as Best app by Apple " App Store of 2013 " .

■ The difference between household account book application of manual input
I knew already the Moneytree had considered to be a kind of household account book application , but was denied smilingly to Mr. Paul is not the case .

It does not want to provide the household account book app . Those who are accustomed to putting the family budget is , it's getting them as a household account book app is also welcome , but the user can keep track of one's family budget that troublesome , "We all means want you to use "

Moneytree is also provides the ability to enter into what you did with the cash , but the ability to centrally manage information bank or credit card account , such as SUICA provide a core value .

"I think if there is a app that collectively manage information bank or credit card , it is possible to confirm the state of the assets yourself with a simple UI, myself even want to use , we arrive at the concept of Moneytree "

It is the screen on the right to enter the first view when you open the Moneytree. I can understand clearly the current situation all assets , bank accounts , credit cards, electronic money . If every other side the iPhone, is graphed automatically on a monthly basis the asset spending situation , as the illustrations below . To grasp at a glance the asset situation , it can be said with the UI no more .

Can be verified by one click as described above can be automated for each category debiting information SUICA credit card . For users of card payment , shopping most of the day-to-day 's irresistibly convenient . It is also possible to input into what you did with the cash manually as household account book app traditional course .

"I want you to use for users who want to manage your money to people . Easy and simple you have already frustrated troublesome is to put household accounts "

User to be addicted to this easy and simple is not a few even at the periphery of the author .

■ UI of assuming the default application for iPhone
But Moneytree simple design is also a popular , it is also chosen as the best application of the App Store of 2013 Apple certified . Not the best of the category , it's best of all categories . And thus it was number one in the app all of 2013 Apple certified .

For the design of "application , if it is asset management apps like Moneytree has been installed on the iPhone by default , map application , which is installed by . Default has been designed on the Imagine wonder what app is simple and easy to use but , should there was no map easy-to-use services far before the iPhone comes out . Kangaenuki has something to do with simple along the idea of ​​the Apple "

While keep saying, " of which app ! 's Simple ," said Mr. Paul says it is not a few services that are not simple so much in the world .

When you are first learning the "application ,. Moneytree relatively large long service cautions simplified as much as possible long sentences , there is little text that must be read . Small children to enjoy naturally the iPad, manual unnecessary in and worked to provide a user experience that after installation , ready-to-use "

I try to design simple design with easy anyway . I have designed a design with two Japanese designers and from Sweden . By the way, Mr. Paul from Australia . A startup of Japan , employees over the multinational .

■ Earn a wider audience in the easy and simple ?
Moneytree provides start of April 2013 . Not after one year from the launch of March 2014 at the time of interview . 350 000 to have been extended to not hit most , advertising, downloads the application .

There are also asset management services of " corporate , but we will focus on individuals. It is targeted to users who want to live simple by automating asset management . Going beyond the framework of household account book , and snuggle up to lifestyle I am aiming to application "

Segment is not a target in the income and age groups . Users who want to manage the assets in the target 's simple . More male ratio is high user of household accounts , but other apps , Moneytree 's characteristic because men and women in half . Women simplicity is received , frustrated in household account book might is going gaga .

Monetization has not started yet, but that assumes the monthly billing at an affordable price that provides value-added plus α , such as expense .

The author is using more than two years household accounts apps abroad , it is difficult to switch to another application and once you get used once . And use multiple images is not Waka asset management services as SNS. Rather than the household account book app , Moneytree will face the person who frustrated household account book , but in fact , the author comes to compete with asset management tools such as money forward and household account book apps like Dr.Wallet and Zaim is sees .

" There is more than one service in the same area , to compete is a good thing ," said Mr. Paul welcome the competition .

What do you , or would you use the asset management service ? Or Moneytree, or money forward , or Zaim also loom . Hailed around , and There are no why you're using any service , there will be a new discovery . It is believed that it is not in the field of external network works for as SNS, more than one service and survive . There will be need everybody to manage your money . If there are readers who do not use any services yet , I want to recommend that you try to start using one .

It's said that one is that there is potential to be accepted in a wide range of user layer Moneytree that the concept of easy and simple . Zaim is over 1 million users in the household account book application area , but it Moneytree is gradually caught up with the number of users scale of Zaim not difficult to imagine .

Through the interview , I was almost a little to change their mind Moneytree from application of conventional author .

[ ( Scored 1-5 for each item ) start-up check of Umeki Yuhei ]

● management : enthusiasm smile 3.7 Paul Chapman is nice , do want to create a good service that is loved by users is transmitted .

● marketability : it can be said that the target user base and wide to the elderly from high school students 4.0 asset management itself . It would be hard to be on the market that one service to monopolize the customer , but because the target user base is wide, the number of users per service to scale up to several millions of people the second half .

● margin : hard to see how far to scale 3.4 monthly billing . For paying members rate fluctuates in value provided depending on the paid membership of expense other than , I should estimate at the lowest line at present .

● competitive advantage : help to get audience more , convenience is high , UI design and concept 4.2 Easy & simple , increase the switching cost to other services .

● Overseas deployment force : that it called to focus on the domestic market is 3.0 the time being , deferred judgment .

● total score : it can be said that the late start-up in the field this 3.7 , but it from and marketable high quality of application , to extend to several million in 2-3 years the number of users not difficult to imagine . Challenges or extensible sales how much a fee plan .

● expected EXIT: sale of 3-5 years

● estimated market capitalization : around 5 billion yen

● assumed grounds : Upside paid membership is estimated to be about 500,000 people . It is not the business to be several tens of billion yen basis with listing . Be sold to Apple , it becomes the default application install the iPhone is the best scenario ? I heard an interview with , but the idea was denied . I would like to offer a good service anyway is a top priority .


 FinTech(金融系スタートアップ)特集第3弾は「賢いお金のアシスタント」をコンセプトに掲げるMoneytreeを運営するマネーツリー社長のポール・チャップマン氏に話を伺った。ちなみに同アプリはアップルによる「App Store of 2013」の最優秀アプリにも選ばれている。









シンプルなデザインが人気でもあるMoneytreeだが、アップル公認のApp Store of 2013の最優秀アプリにも選ばれている。カテゴリー別の最優秀ではなく、全カテゴリーの最優秀だ。アップル公認で2013年のすべてのアプリでナンバーワンだったことになる。











あなたは、資産管理サービスは何を使っているだろうか? Moneytreeか、マネーフォワードか、はたまたZaimか。周りに声を掛け、どのサービスをなぜ利用しているか語り合うと、新たな発見があるだろう。SNSのように外部ネットワーク性が効く分野ではないので、複数のサービスが生き残っていくと考えられる。誰しもがおカネを管理する必要はあるだろう。まだどのサービスも使っていない読者がいれば、いずれかを使い始めてみることをお勧めしたい。



【梅木雄平のスタートアップチェック (各項目を1~5で採点)】

●経営陣:3.7 ポール・チャップマン氏の笑顔がすてきであり、ユーザーに愛されるいいサービスを作りたいという意気込みが伝わる。 

●市場性:4.0 資産管理自体は高校生から高齢者まで対象利用者層は幅広いといえる。1サービスが顧客を独占する市場にはなりにくいだろうが、対象利用者層が広いため、1サービス当たりのユーザー数は数百万人単位後半まではスケールする。

●利益率:3.4 月額課金でどこまでスケールするか見えにくい。経費精算以外の有料会員の提供価値次第で有料会員化率が変動するため、現状では最低ラインで見積もっておく。 

●競合優位性:4.2 イージー&シンプルなコンセプトとUI設計は、より多くのユーザー層を獲得しやすく、利便性も高く、他サービスへのスイッチングコストを高める。

●海外展開力:3.0 当面は国内市場に注力するということで、判断は据え置き。

●総合点 :3.7 この分野では後発のスタートアップといえるが、アプリのクオリティの高さと市場性から、ユーザー数を2~3年で数百万に伸ばすことは想像に難くない。有料プランでどれだけ売り上げを伸ばせるかが課題。





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