WEB マーケティング メモ( ネット企業 SEO依存のリスク )


WEB マーケティング メモ( ネット企業 SEO依存のリスク )

WEB マーケティング メモ( ネット企業 SEO依存のリスク )

WEB marketing memo (risk of Internet companies SEO dependent)
Risk of Internet companies SEO dependent

Attention again in Ribusensu closing , the author rank ?

Income job site management company , which is known by (now the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange ) was of " Ribusensu " has been worse shares are listed on the Mothers youngest . It is said that in the background , there is a rule change in the search engine such as Google. That the management of Internet companies is , relies heavily on search engine again is now highlighted .

1 to fiscal year ended March 31 , 2014 Ribusensu gave a little shock to the market . Sales were 900 million ¥ 87,000,000 15.3 % year-on-year , while operating income decreased 67.2% thing , the stock was sold to the stop -discount time. In order to maintain sales , you have increased the advertising expense is why major decline , but why about whether there was a need to increase the advertising expenses the company , rumors various flow around the net have . Many people have to point out , it is a failure of the company's SEO (Search engine optimization ) measures .

Internet companies will not be able to collect the customer effectively on the net site of the company is not displayed on the top of the search engine . Do you appear at the top how to be in Google, detailed mechanism is not based on clear, these companies maintain the various devices in order to display at the top of your site . This is called ( search engine optimization ) SEO and these are generically .

For now , Google will think about the number of links how link that what is stretched from the other site, a comprehensive evaluation and contents of content and access status , and determines the ranking of search ( the system automatically performs all these tasks ) that will crack . In the case where there is an unnatural act just like increasing the link intentionally , we are measures such as lowering the ranking . It is not believed Ribusensu when it did not become the target .

With the aim of a new mechanism to improve the ranking method of current that depends largely on the number of links in Google, the search results are determined in a more natural form . It is a concept called " author rank" recently , it has become a hot topic in the flow .

The author rank , it is as its name suggests , ranking the writer of the text , and try to view the content at the top of a person is determined to be high is more specialized . I'm rating system with a focus on the current link will not change immediately , but when you increase the weight of this new algorithm gradually .

It is unknown at the moment so as to how to rank writers , but can be thought of as using a natural language analysis technology perhaps . It seems that can be ranked immediately for writer prominent profile is clear, and profile name does not mean that is known to many of the people who write text on the net . Using the technology of natural language analysis , it is possible that there is a professional knowledge of how much the person who wrote the text , to evaluate about what are doing the assembly of the sentence logical . It is thought that a combination of these techniques , and that will determine the rank of the writer .

Search ranking of now will not change immediately, but after a few years , the search results when you turn on the keyword , might have been quite different on a dive and now .
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