育成アプリ参考メモ W杯 最低限サッカールールまとめ


育成アプリ参考メモ W杯 最低限サッカールールまとめ(W杯にわかファンに送る!)

I send in W Cup suddenly fan ! Minimum rules football together

Following the Women's Asian Cup yesterday , rousing game towards W Cup Brazil tournament is finally it will be done tomorrow !

Is carried out in Saitama this " Kirin Challenge Cup 2014 " . To play against Japan It is Cyprus Ranked # 125 of FIFA rank . (※ Japan FIFA Rank # 48 )

There are differences of rank , but " Cyprus is showing better performance several times in the European qualifying W Cup Brazil tournament , if you include the elements of the physical features and . Teams to come out to the entire surface of teamwork and cohesion it is going to be the game that can not be overlooked as coach Zaccheroni comment where you're like Greece we hit the W Cup also " there .

That said, " offside " and " free kick " , there is a rule that confusing for beginners fact .

In order to enjoy more of the game tomorrow , let's hold the rules here !

■ Yellow Card
When you make a ( dangerous fraud or foul ) act to be alert during the match , and that of the card referee presents to the player . Second yellow card is presented during the game one , it will be sent off red card is presented now .

■ Red Card
That of the card the referee to present when you tell the exit .

■ offside
The foul on the position of the attacker . Ally player who is offside position or issues a path to ally you are in the offside position or interfere with the other party , that of foul play involved in the ball .

Offside position ?
Are against Jinnai athletes 1 . Appropriate .
In front than ball players of 2.1 .
I 'm in a position close to the goal but three . Goalkeeper , than defensive players are behind most .
※ throw-in , goal kick , corner kick is not adapted .

■ free kick
Things kick to resume the game by the opposing team as punishment for offending team . The aim the goal to direct it only direct free kick , indirect free kick will not be able to aim a direct shot .

In the case of direct and indirect free kick one , when the ball kick is is stationary , the kicker must not touch the ball again to other competitors until touching the ball .

■ penalty kick (PK ( Pike ) )
As punishment for offending team in the penalty area , things kick to be given to the opposing team . You can use the position of 11m, aiming without being disturbed by goalkeeper other than from the goal .

You , did you remember properly ?

Anyone who does not remember as much as I read , the only one who watched the game on TV is , it's try to play the football game also recommended ?

" Japan national football team Eleven Heroes "

( Compatible handsets : iPhone / Android sales : free)

Training game app that has become a Japan coach , will aim for the world's strongest team . Players real name live action because the appearance , but it is likely also details the players . Match , since the auto game , I want to know the results soon ! People who tap " fast forward " and " Next" , and OK ♪ If you tempo up

Based on the score result , can be enhanced with special training team , such as lifting and team path . While you are playing , you should look in detail to rule ☆

Toward W Cup in June , First of all, let's cheer from the game tomorrow ☆


埼玉で行われるこの「キリンチャレンジカップ 2014」。日本と対戦するのはFIFAランク125位のキプロスです。(※日本はFIFAランク48位)







1. 該当の選手が相手陣内にいる。
2. 1の選手がボールより前にいる。
3. ゴールキーパーを除く、一番後ろにいる守備選手よりゴールに近い位置にいる。


直接・間接フリーキックいずれの場合も、キックが行われるときボールは静止しており、キッカーは他の競技者がボールに触れるまで ボールに再び触れてはいけません。





(対応端末:iPhone/Android  販売額:無料)




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