Mobile companies or should not create a " transformation smartphone " Now

Commonly known as glasses case , sliding and folded , QWERTY keyboard equipped , such as a two- screen models such as feature phones , despite the different variations In the early days , represented by Galaxy and iPhone If noticing it , " one smartphones has become the only single plate " .
However , will deliver a talk that ...... or should not give a model that is out of the " single plate " is now.

◆ Android stability , variability is becoming no longer now be even "that " ARROWS
Variations in the degree of perfection and performance violently each manufacturer is Android smartphone ever , the case " performance ...... design at best ," " this manufacturer made ??...... with the same performance " is also plentifully there was , but it is large conversion the winter was the model 2013 .
That each model was released from NTT DoCoMo ・ KDDI ・ SoftBank Mobile has adopted the performance of state-of-the-art " Snapdragon 800,2 GB RAM, Android 4.2 or more " and basically , even choose a smartphone of any manufacturer , in terms of performance of anxiety were gone .
In addition , at one of the high catalog specifications , ARROWS series of Fujitsu is repeated odd bug and fever of the body , has been developed into litigation rumor is stabilized at last , to another thing anymore 2013 winter model later . This means that the variation among manufacturers is why there while no variation in the true sense of the term is now a smartphone .
I tried to touch briefly the ARROWS NX F-05F response reborn in full , - YouTube

◆ diversity or not necessary Now it is fully mature
It is an Android smartphone with the feeling that evolve in the same direction as shape , almost the same specs , same OS, that same stability ...... in this way , mature , but the diversity that's why you would like asked .
Simply because it is now that it is fully mature hardware , software to both both , to suit your style and the use of user " transformation smartphone " I think this is one of the good even out .
An example of a transformation smartphone was released once . First sliding QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphone that is no longer released at the end of a late summer release in 2011 the " REGZA Phone IS11T " . It was user-friendly model to intensive communication , such as text chat and SNS from ease of hitting of character .

This smartphone equipped with a numeric keypad that became Uchidome in summer 2012 . Not to be considered Along with QWERTY keyboard smartphone described above , processor dual-core or more is to be mounted , positioned as for light users only .

And released in spring 2013 smartphone of a single plate except that it was released last , " MEDIAS W " . It is a sore transformation of " 2 + folding screen " what .

And can hit the character under the screen while looking at the screen above , the model that may have become the desired E for QWERTY keyboard refugees .
There was no bad never concept, in that 2GB RAM installed has become commonplace " APQ8064 ( quad-core , 1.5GHz) " in high-end models such as the Xperia Z, " MSM8690 ( dual-core , 1.5GHz) " , 1GB memory it was a spec of a generation ago called .
Despite being a concept that is good to ( so-called geek ) layer to obtain the state of the art , that is halfway ...... general layer keep one's distance concept therefore subtle , yet wacky , from reporters in the field performance "Why it had been criticized as " do not know what was out in this specification , but the evaluation is I think in a strange , if the same specs as the high-end model .
◆ mobile phone company or should not make a dream
In the most intelligent choice for mobile phone company Given in management aspect , as of 2013 winter model of Softbank smartphone is not out only three models , it kept to a lineup of Android number of models that fully stop the iPhone to sell in a stable Yes , it seems the number is not sold , transformation smartphone less profitable that's certainly not required .
But mobile phone company in Japan feature phone era , it came out a model rich personality in order to avoid the rut by the product maturity group also fact . Interesting product that is out and " au design project " and " Internet Machine" , from the framework of the existing mobile phone was born .

While mobile companies no longer adventure , there 's a feeling that I tried quite spring 2014 model of au " G Flex " . Abnormal feeling strong and was released along with the " Xperia Z Ultra " in order to appeal new category " fa Brett ," but , such as adopting a curved display , "failure for commercial " home territory of LG developed , in South Korea it was so as to be said to be .

Sales of " G Flex " is the reason was not much in the country of course , but conclude that unnecessary wacky such terminals to say or is premature , in the only smartphone of predictable shape , the user to " dream " will it not have been a need to look at the cause . .
Domestic manufacturers would be weakened , although the recent cycle to develop new models along with the mobile phone company is becoming not hold , even for the sake of diversity , continues out the " what was a something " in the mobile phone company still I just want you .

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NTTドコモ・KDDI・ソフトバンクモバイルからリリースされた各モデルが基本的に「Snapdragon 800、2GB RAM、Android 4.2以上」という最先端の性能を採用したことで、どのメーカーのスマホを選んでも、性能面での不安は無くなりました。
完全に生まれ変わったレスポンス、ARROWS NX F-05Fをざっと触ってみた - YouTube

かつて発売された変態スマホの一例。まずは2011年晩夏発売の「REGZA Phone IS11T」を最後にリリースされなくなったスライド式QWERTYキーボード搭載スマホ。文字の打ちやすさからSNSやテキストチャットなどでのコミュニケーションを多用するユーザーに優しいモデルでした。


そして最後にリリースされた一枚板以外のスマホが、2013年春発売の「MEDIAS W」。なんと「2画面+折りたたみ」という変態っぷりです。

コンセプトは決して悪くありませんでしたが、Xperia Zなどのハイエンドモデルで「APQ8064(クアッドコア、1.5GHz)」と2GB RAM搭載が当たり前になった中で、「MSM8690(デュアルコア、1.5GHz)」、1GBメモリという一世代前のスペックでした。
しかし日本の携帯電話会社はフィーチャーフォン時代、製品群の成熟によるマンネリ化を避けるために個性豊かなモデルを出してきたのも事実。「au design project」や「インターネットマシン」など、既存の携帯電話の枠組みから外れた面白い製品が生まれていました。

携帯各社が冒険しなくなった中、かなり頑張った感のあるのがauの2014年春モデル「G Flex」。新しいカテゴリ「ファブレット」を訴求するために「Xperia Z Ultra」と共に発売されましたが、曲面ディスプレイを採用するなどキワモノ感が強く、開発したLGのお膝元、韓国でも「商業的には失敗」と言われるほどでした。

もちろん「G Flex」の売れ行きは国内でも芳しくなかったわけですが、かといってこのような奇抜な端末を不要と結論づけるのは早計であり、ありきたりな形状のスマホばかりの中、ユーザーに「夢」を見させるためには必要だったのではないでしょうか。。


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