市場規模は前年比78%増 スマホゲーム


市場規模は前年比78%増 スマホゲーム「ディズニーツムツム」

市場規模は前年比78%増   スマホゲーム「ディズニーツムツム」人気の理由は グッズも好調
Goods also strong reasons Sumahogemu of " Zum Zum Disney " popular

Smartphone (high-performance mobile phone ) game " LINE: Zum Zum Disney " are popular . The game surpassed 10 million downloads in about two months from release . Stuffed Disney character called " Tsumutsumu " is also increasing sales mainly in young women . Products only in Japan "adult Disney's Favorite " and has won the fan widely . ( Toya Mami )

Stuffed toy also popular in [ photo ] Disney Store

( Meguro-ku, Tokyo ) is deployed for the first time as a smartphone for Walt Disney Japan : the " LINE Disney Zum Zum " , puzzle game to go off and traced three or more stuffed animals called " Zum " in smartphone on . Is there a mechanism of charging , but enjoy enough free .

There is a ( skill ) and Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse , different functions in each familiar character , and to exhibit the skills set to " Maitsumu " the favorite , and extensible to score .

LINE of free calls app company ( lines) jointly provide , Shibuya developed NHN Play Art dealing with the field of game LINE.

Tsumutsumu stuffed the company has developed unique Japanese items as healing of the adult woman originally . From the features that are stacked to collect facial expressions and simple , it was thought affinity with the "game is high . Also for the enjoyment more by increasing the contact point with the favorite character , Shakespeare Etsuko vice president of Walt 's Sumahogemu I will explain the " was best .

For reason for the popularity , in addition to the height of awareness of " Disney characters , cuteness different from the traditional game characters are also accepted adult Tage Hiroyume of game writer 's ( Hiromu - Taori ) and Analysis " than the . Or compete for scores with friends and acquaintances from further , and send each other necessary to play the "heart " , match with the characteristics of LINE game . It is only " surprising people , such as people and business partners of an old friend is or playing , but also in the wake of communication" with . Person in charge of the play Art NHN also speak with you " has received also enjoy the light users from exhilaration and convenience to turn off by connecting " .

Sale of stuffed animals also by strong hit of the game , I topped one million in the six months since its release in October of last year . Compared to overseas , the product of Japan born fan of the adult is large, is one part of the company's management strategy of "adult Disney Plan" to mainly women . Zum palm-sized smallest is ( 540 yen ) , since it can also be used as a cleaner or computer smartphone is part of the stomach , the person to be placed in the office or even carry that many .

Stuffed to deploy the 56 types now, but plans to increase further in the future . Shakespeare 's talking to , "I want to continue to work games goods also , as you enjoy a long time ."

■ market is 78% year-on-year

According to the survey ( Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ) CyberZ of smartphone advertising business , with the rapid spread of smartphones , the market size of Sumahogemu of 2013 increased to 546.8 billion yen of 78% from the previous year . Accounts for about 5 % of the game market as a whole , is larger than twice the domestic home video game market in the prior art.

Types of games Tsumutsumu like , download the app for free from the official store of Apple or Google , to add charges if you need increased in Sumahogemu . The beginning of the big hit " Puzzle & Dragons ," and battle games and puzzles and quizzes stage , the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the Warring States period popular . To predict " high growth smartphone . Future is expected to center of the gaming market now " as , to 658.4 billion yen to grow 26 years in the company .
スマホゲーム「ディズニーツムツム」人気の理由は グッズも好調













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