" Writing your own drag " the 3D printer , is a concern

The 8th of this month , men who created the handgun in the 3D printer was arrested . Download the data in the design view of the gun from the site overseas , that was created in a 3D printer to assemble in your own . In response to the incident , Furuya Chairman of National Public Safety Commission remarks would consider " necessary to keep up with , including issues of the rule on the issue of legislation on ," he said , Should we have certain regulations in the possession of the 3D printer at once . Innovation in those that are only expected as " the invention of the century " , the voice of disappointment heard from industry , regulatory and prudent regulation school has signed a hot discussion .

However , 3D printer is being used for crime is not the only gun . Japanese chemist living in the United States says .

Is a self-made drug Along with guns , it is warning the most "In Europe and the United States. From around 2012 , in the Western universities , manufacturing experiment of chemicals using 3D printers have been carried out , some examples already successful it is . research group that Lee Cronin Professor of English University of Glasgow , led , we have been plans to " print " the component at the molecular level , making the drug actually . he decided to make the ibuprofen analgesic in the 3D printer it has already succeeded . it is assumed to use in developing countries circulation circumstances of the drug is bad , but if you know even a recipe of pharmaceutical products , will also be able to make a medicine theory, at home . This is the medical community it is a revolutionary technology for , but such a large pharmaceutical company in the United States has been strong opposition , the U.S. FDA also should be regulation , it seems to be discussed should be certified "

Is coming at issue here , illegal drugs , that is " self-made " of drag . It reported that a criminal organization with a financial power is , mass production of illegal drugs a lot of using the 3D printer is already anticipated , drug cartels in Mexico and have started research about its availability in the Western media have been .

Chemist earlier said, " In the case of drag , ingredient which acts because even sufficient if on, or not than can be produced more easily than drug " he said. If there is even the active ingredient , and therefore make if there is such a binder excipient such as starch and cellulose after , and does not require the manufacturing base of the scale , such as a conventional plant . It is reported 3D printer related information site of the United States in the " 3D PRINTING.com " designer drugs such as MDMA, cocaine , and LSD as being most appropriate to make a 3D printer .

On the other hand , also illegal drug other than , there is also a concern of the distribution of fake drugs . In India and China , the production of fake drugs has become a big business , health damage a number of he has been reported and distributed to developing countries such as Africa mainly . In the spread of 3D printer , there is a possibility that the distribution of these fake drugs is increased.

Practical use is just beginning 3D printer . Simple regulations that inhibit innovative attempt of the industry 's outrageous , but becomes necessary also the development of international mechanisms , such as not being exploited to the crime it would certainly .





「ドラッグの場合、作用する成分さえ入っていればよいので、医薬品よりも簡単に製造できるのではないか」と前出の化学者は言う。作用成分さえあれば、あとはデンプンなどの賦形剤、セルロースなどの結合剤などがあれば作れるので、従来の工場のような規模の製造拠点を必要としない。アメリカの3Dプリンター関連情報サイト「3D PRINTING.com」では、MDMAなどデザイナードラッグ、コカイン、LSDなどは3Dプリンターで作るのにもっとも適していると報じている。



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