3Dプリンター 規制か?


3Dプリンター 規制か?

3Dプリンター 規制か?
3D printer or regulation?
"Do not kill new technology ," " scary , the regulation " pros and cons 3D printer gun , the net

That guy that manufactured the pistol equipment , which can be made easily in the complex three-dimensional "3D printer " was arrested on suspicion of violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law is calling echo . Impact " technology of the future" began soaking up the limelight recently was associated with crime suddenly big , some Ministers also mentioned the possibility of laws and regulations . Pros and cons of the net is divided Should regulations for the safe, or should give priority to the advancement of technology .

Based on 3D data that you created in the computer (such as blueprints ), 3D printer , that of machine that produces a three-dimensional by stacking and metal powder and resin . Because the mold is no longer necessary , expected benefits , such as significant reductions in cost and mass production is large. And parts manufacturing and automobile medical , use of in various fields are expected in the future .

Has become a hot topic for a long time in the net , photographs or play by creating a musical instrument of the original , were figures of popular actor " one lunch " figure is to grab the hearts of Internet users . Marvel " It is the world of Riarudora Emon " or ( Twitter) has spread , but there were also voices fear " of being used in crime " (up ) part .

◆ The government speech " or also "

Meanwhile , had occurred this incident . " By this also whether the arrest ", " arrested or came out at last " in the ... Twitter .

To arrest The unprecedented ripples spread even within the government . The 9th , " If you say of whether they can cope well with crime . Existing law of the new form , it is not necessarily so . Need to address , including the issue of legislation on ," he said in an interview of the Cabinet after Furuya Keiji Chairman of National Public Safety Commission I suggested the possibility of laws and regulations .

The " fire " net in this statement . Were many it 's a voice that " human beings to be . Abuse 3D printer is not it bad is bad" and ( Twitter ) . In addition , despite was developed , which is one of the headwaters of the 3D printer " optical modeling " technology was the Japanese , and that the share of the domestic market remains to a few percent made ​​in Japan is pushed by the US-made now it also mentioned , " do you crush the new technology also " ( bulletin board ) , speech to criticize " because to just regulate the new ones , something innovative , but I can not I born in Japan " or ( same ) is also one after another .

◆ " prevent loophole of Swords and Firearms Control Law "

From the fact that his team was in the manufacturing a gun on the basis of the published data on the net the other hand , a man , a " person who is regulated is good. Too scared anyone such as make the gun" and ( Twitter ) , " regulation " can also be seen opinion that supports the .

It is that has been amplified such a voice , it's writing on Twitter or statement of man . In addition to the time of hearing , it is assumed that statement , " There was a confidence in technology to build a live ammunition . Was make at any time if you think that is trying to make ," said " gun possession even if you can not away with . Swords and Firearms Control Law course on Twitter man I was writing and so on " to disseminate 3D drawings in print handguns so that everyone can be produced immediately .

In response to this , " scary guy to such a way of thinking Nantes make the gun" ( bulletin board ) , " also in 3D printer made ​​, we need law reform to prevent the . Swords and Firearms Control Law that there is enough power to" loophole " " such as - ( same ) .

In the wake of this incident , the 3D printer name recognition has improved significantly ironically . It is a metaphor that there is a feeling in Japanese earlier the " Riarudora Emon " , but Nobita use that tool , that would be the last failed in many cases. Of being tested is probably a moral wisdom and side to use again . (Book)

Glossary 3D printer manufacturing handgun incident

As carrying the gun with a lethal produced in 3D printer , the 8th , Swords and Firearms Control Law violations ( possession ) suspect , Kanagawa prefectural police arrested a man of university staff a 27-year-old . A result of the appraisal the handgun police seized , there was also one with the capability of killing more than five times the reference . It was posted on the video site post a video guy is test-fire the pistol has triggered the arrest .















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