3Dプリンター技術 「ものづくり日本」ピンチ?



Sophistication that can make up gun , "Japanese manufacturing" pinch in the 3D printer technology diffusion ?

Handgun production in 3D (three-dimensional ) printer was under threat , but , sure enough , arrests came out . Was something extreme in lethal danger that five times the standard (3D print gun) pistol man of suspect had made . Also spotlight 3D printer as an innovative technology , because it can make easily elaborate parts , voice fear " and parts on behalf of Japan is copied across the board " and (IT stakeholders ) is not exhausted .

Was arrested on suspicion of Swords and Firearms Control Law violation ( possession ) in Kanagawa prefectural police Shonankokadai staff of ( the prefecture Fujisawa ) , Imura KeiTomo ( Yoshitomo ) suspect ( 27) .

Arrest suspicion , I doubt that you possess at home on April 12 (approximately 20 centimeters in total length ) 2 guns gun made ??of resin which I made with 3D printer , but in the raid , which police have said five guns gun that was produced is seized were . That was purchased about 60,000 yen a prefabricated type of foreign-made printers .

Opportunity was Barre was net . I was investigating police is found to post videos such as gun that enters the year , and was produced themselves to video posting site , from written " gun rights are basic human rights ," and so on .

3D printer that appeared cheap price of 60,000 yen table . It's selling anyone can make is a complex three-dimensional object , just like print , but to misuse of arms production and handgun were also a concern .

If you can produce a blueprint that is based on the 3D data in the " computer , I can make a three-dimensional object for anyone to easily . Blueprint of the " 3D printing gun " is , has been leaked on the net through the file -sharing software , firearms journalist " was a situation that can be downloaded by anyone.

The 3D-, there is a possibility to ruin the manufacturing technology that Japan is proud of fact .

Parts that took the " patent could be easily copied . Eliminates the need also " craftsmanship " of the craftsman skillful , leading to life-or-death matter of craftsmen . Executives of IT companies are familiar with the copy until one small part for example, the world industry . would vary greatly style itself of manufacturing is to be a great pinch . "

SMEs and micro-enterprises to support Japan also are at risk .










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