Signs of decline in popular iPad


The shift to smartphones and smarter than tablet(signs of decline in popular iPad)

The shift to smartphones and smarter than tablet(signs of decline in popular iPad)
The shift to smartphones and smarter than tablet - signs of decline in popular iPad

Tablet devices of Apple " iPad ( iPad ) " and became one of the consumer electronics products that are the most successful (Bloomberg) - May 2 .
Since its launch in 2010 , Apple sells iPad more than 210 million units . It's the sales pace of about 2 times the four years after the release " iPhone ( iPhone ) " smartphone . Consumer electronics industry has been working to fill-in-the-blank of decreased sales of notebook PC desktop personal computer (PC) and in such popular tablet , but this market is slowing rapidly . 5th issue May Bloomberg Business Week magazine is reporting .
Apple announced iPad sales from January to March period has decreased about 17 percent compared to the same period last year . Microsoft description after the year-end shopping season , revenue from tablet devices " surface " has decreased by about 40% . Amazon dot com does not show a breakdown of sales , but according to the research firm Gartner , the market share of tablet devices " Kindle " is not increasing.
According to the research firm Strategy Analytics , tablet sales in the world increased 19 percent in the January-March quarter to tailwind low price model demand in emerging countries , but the same in '11 and '12 and 83% increase in the same period last year it's growth insignificant compared to the expansion of more than twice the time .
Founder Horace Dide~yu Mr. research and consulting firm Ashimuko pointed out that the early success of the tablet and led to unrealistic expectations in the long term . There were no such sales slow penetration into the market until it reaches half the popular consumer electronics products in the past , such as microwave oven and color TV , but the tablet terminal at the stage of penetration rate in the U.S. market is only about 40% sales have slowed down , talk it's unexpected development .
Dide~yu He points out that said that there is a possibility that there will be close to the game machine , tablet there in the market a large and important one , but the " universality similar not " and the smartphone . Low price tablet is sold in about $ 50 in Asia , business apps and software that can be used is not aligned as much as the iPad . According to Mr. Dide~yu , Using Tablet typical user of Asia that I watch TV shows and movies , and music .
Analyst of venture capital (VC) company Andreessen Horowitz , Benedict Evans said , expect reason to pay hundreds of dollars to tablet devices in response to the function expansion and large screen of the smartphone is reduced. Consumers are happy to be used smartphone of Samsung Electronics and iPhone the " Galaxy " games and web browsing , checking e-mail , and television viewing , this trend is possible to continue in the screen is the size of sex is high .

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