利用者・開発者も注意! 「地図アプリ」のバッテリー消費!(Users and developers note! Battery consumption of "map app"!)

利用者・開発者も注意! 「地図アプリ」のバッテリー消費!(Users and developers note! Battery consumption of "map app"!)
Users and developers note ! "Map app " was the battery consumption terrifying ! Power-saving method ?

In smartphones , map app is important . The person who can examine your current location , and ... or show me a route to the meeting place , it is an attendant of the outing , or will not be many .

But do you know that such a map application , there is a serious problem that can not be avoided by all means .

It is battery consumption terrifying .

If you were ON (system to more accurately measure your location ) GPS in particular , the battery will continue to be consumed as fast as a moment to doubt your eyes . Moreover, to use it because it is generally outdoors , you can not be charged.

I think that to say that , would like to introduce how long even a little , to use the map app without having to turn off the GPS function as well.

I lower the display brightness

First of all , let's lower the brightness of the display .

The brightness of the screen, it means that the brightness . Backlight of the display is the part that consumes the most battery in the smartphone .

The brightness settings include setting screen of the body → " Display Settings " item (with the difference of notation depending on the model ) .

Regardless of the map application , which is the basis of power-saving . If you want to extend battery life , that would be a good place to be aware of from the usual . The bright and so much , it is bad to eyes .

Screen sleep frequently in the power button

Are not looking at the screen , let me sleep on the screen frequently by pressing the power button while you are walking . There are three reasons to this ,

- I will be a power-saving display disappears because
- I will be a power saving GPS because it stops during sleep
Walk - smartphone prevention

For display, as described above . There is an effect on more than lower the screen brightness , it would be a matter of course.

Because it is so as to stop the screen sleeping , GPS can expect energy savings in this respect as well . However , there may be some things that GPS has been around for sleeping in the model , depending on the setting .

By the way , GPS does not seem to react for a little sleep immediately after release , and you have quite cumbersome or canceled or put to sleep frequently . That said , this would place it can not be helped .

For walking smartphone , please see this article . Because it is dangerous , but please refrain .

I use the map of bulk download type

I think most people 're using is a standard applications such as " Google Maps " of the iOS "map" , but there are weaknesses battery consumption that intense these apps . This is because from online , come to download the data in real time .

If map type apps to download map data previously , the battery consumption will be reduced. Please try the following apps .

Map fan (s ) [Android] [iOS]
Map Droid ( Free - English ) [Android]

Map itself is one that has been previously downloaded , you can use in the same way as normal apps map position information currently (GPS).

Above, we introduce how to use the map for a long time . And those with no confidence in the sense of direction , please try to remember , such as when a long period of time map is needed .

利用者・開発者も注意! 「地図アプリ」は恐ろしいほどのバッテリー消費だった! 節電方法は?



















多くの方は標準アプリである『Google マップ』やiOSの『マップ』を使っていると思うのですが、これらのアプリはバッテリー消耗が激しいという弱点があります。オンラインから、リアルタイムでデータをダウンロードしてくるためです。





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