YouTube, creators channel management for public, 60fps also supports announced 

The 26th, as a new feature new services and creators who are delivering a video on YouTube, mobile apps channel or administrative "YouTube Creator Studio", YouTube in the U.S. Google affiliated sound effects to the audio library that can be used free of charge I announced the addition of, and support for 60fps video. 

The "YouTube Creator Studio", app creators can manage a YouTube channel of its own. For Android app has already been published, iOS for app coming soon. I can check the statistics such as enrollment and Views channel, check and reply to comments and messages, and customize the push notification. 

The audio library where you can download music and royalty-free that can be used in the video, it was recorded the sound effects "audio" tab is added. Various types of audio sound voice of the baby, the door is open, and impact sound can be downloaded. 

In addition, it announced that it supports the video of 60fps and 48fps in the coming months. It has to be able to get the videos and games, sample has been published in the "YouTube Creators" channel. 

In addition, it was announced users can donate money to and creators "Fan Funding" function tags the Artist was collaboration in the video "Creator Credits" function, a function that can be attached and translated subtitles in video fan.

米Google傘下のYouTubeは26日、YouTubeで動画を配信しているクリエイター向けの新サービスや新機能として、チャンネル管理用のモバイル向けアプリ「YouTube Creator Studio」や、無料で使えるオーディオライブラリへの効果音の追加、60fps動画への対応などを発表した。

 「YouTube Creator Studio」は、クリエイターが自身のYouTubeのチャンネルを管理できるアプリ。Android向けアプリがすでに公開されており、iOS向けアプリは近日公開予定。チャンネルの視聴数や登録者数などの統計情報の確認、コメントやメッセージの確認・返信、プッシュ通知のカスタマイズなどを行える。


 また、今後数カ月以内に48fpsと60fpsの動画をサポートすることを表明。ゲームなどの動画に活用できるとしており、「YouTube Creators」チャンネルでサンプルが公開されている。

 このほか、ユーザーがクリエイターに資金を寄付できる「Fan Funding」機能や、動画でコラボレーションしたクリエイターにタグを付ける「Creator Credits」機能、ファンが動画に字幕や翻訳を付けられる機能などを発表した。
 ソニー、2015年よりテレビに「Android TV」を全面採用へ

Full to adopt "Android TV" in Sony TV, from 2015 

Answer to interview about the TV business in the new company, and reiterated the TV business surplus in the 2014 fiscal year, Imamura Masashi, who will serve as the new president television subsidiary of Sony to be launched from July 1 of the "Sony Visual Products" is further , from fiscal 2015 as the OS of BRAVIA, was announced developer conference June 25 (local time), was held in San Francisco in "Google I / O 2014", TV platform for using Android to "Android TV" it was stated that it adopted the entire surface. 

"Sony. Google I that warp weft, the value of Sony's unique, to advance the work going weaving strong cloth those of horizontal division of labor, such as the. Liquid crystal panel I would like to be the" tapestry "the TV business in the future / to many lines of BRAVIA of. fiscal 2015 that I was also participating, to adopt the Android L to O. impossible that Sony itself, to develop a new OS now. those customers easy-to-use bench . 3 years ago, I want to go to match the BRAVIA to Andorid L that. Google to choose as the weft is proposed, and gave the world was using the Android together with Google to "Google TV", but with at that time, but also the environment of Google whole and collaboration in the ecosystem and Google. Sony environment Sony also has changed, but I want to do well be where they weave the warp. above all, or you can use for the TV happily How convenient to you important. I can not described in detail, to proceed in such policy "

As for the TV business surplus in the 2014 fiscal year in the new company, "As for me himself, we believe that it is possible as long as there are no factors such as natural disaster" and did on confident, "Visual Products a" company name ". profitable after that said in-house it is, and I did not put a TV dare,. BRAVIA and, want to be a window to reflect the excitement for making things reflect the new value, in Tokyo before the Olympics, TV new definition it was also revealed in the future policy to be "want to make.
ソニー、2015年よりテレビに「Android TV」を全面採用へ

7月1日より発足するソニーのテレビ子会社「ソニービジュアルプロダクツ」の新社長に就任する今村昌志氏は、新会社でのテレビ事業に関する取材に答え、2014年度のテレビ事業黒字化を改めて強調、さらに、2015年度からBRAVIAのOSとして、6月25日(現地時間)、サンフランシスコで開かれた開発者会議「Google I/O 2014」で発表された、Androidを使ったテレビ向けプラットフォーム「Android TV」を全面採用すると明言した。

「ソニーはこれからのテレビ事業を『タペストリー』のようにしたい。液晶パネルのような水平分業のものを横糸、ソニー独自の価値を縦糸に、強固な布を織っていく作業を進めたい。Google I/Oには私も参加していた。2015年度のBRAVIAの多くのラインに、Android Lを採用する。今ソニー自身が、新しいOSを開発することはあり得ない。お客様がベンチで使いやすいものを横糸として選ぶ。Googleが提唱するAndorid LにBRAVIAをあわせていきたい。3年前、Googleと一緒にAndroidを使った『Google TV』を世に出したが、その時とは、Google全体の環境も、ソニーの環境も変わっている。ソニーとGoogleはエコシステムで協業するが、そこで縦糸を織ることはしっかりとやっていきたい。なにより、お客様にどのように簡便で楽しくテレビを使っていただけるかが重要。詳細はご説明できないが、そういう方針で進める」


「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE 半年先不明

「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE
9 million people break through mixi rapid recovery in the user "Monsuto", ambush the LINE 

Performance membership social networking site which fell into the red (SNS) leading, Mixi is recovering rapidly. Tow to (seal of approval) billing revenue "monster Strike (aka-Monsuto)" of the smartphone game (high-performance mobile phone) for. User's momentum on the heels of "Puzzle & Dragons (Pazudora)" in the smartphone game for the Gung Ho Online Entertainment that topped 900 million people in the world, was a big hit at about 9 months from the launch of October last year. However, there is also a voice that concern the management of ups and downs is to ask the intense game, "next move" is being questioned as early. 

"Individual investors had checked frequently, when Monsuto are to pull out Pazudora". Game makers officials point out this. May 15, Monsuto took the top spot from Pazudora the first time in the sales rankings of Apple apps (application software) site of the "App Store". 

Then, upward trend is followed by stock price of mixi. One o'clock, and with a 19,640 yen 2,600 yen the previous day, was approaching 2 million units in the June 18 before the stock split. As compared with the closing price of the same day one year ago and (¥ 1,456), it's nearly 13-fold. Fall in the final deficit of 200 million 53 million yen in April-June quarter of 2001, mixi the surface of the downturn. This is because the demand is deprived of the U.S. Facebook in SNS, the rise of emerging powers LINE of smartphone for free calls, e-mail services such as (line) is also sounded. 

And take off to the president to change Yusuke Asakura from Mr. Kenji Kasahara founder to June 13. One of the new businesses Asakura is laid out was a game for smartphones. Monsuto's Sumahogemu to become the fourth work. It can be enjoyed with friends and convenience is called popular, Monsuto topped 300 million people users in February this year. Expand in Taiwan from May, and is increasing in leaps and bounds 8 million people to June 4, and 9 million people in the 24th. 

Contribution to performance is very large. The bulge to 40 billion yen of about 3.3 times in the year ended March 31, 15 years in the planning, consolidated net sales was 12.1 billion yen in the year ended March 31, 14 years, the bottom line is also 6 billion yen from a loss of 200 million 27 million yen I converted to surplus. It is expected Monsuto is churn out about 30 billion yen of sales, voice "mixi is a leading Sumahogemu now" and (industry participants) also leak. 

In the 24th this month, Morita Hitoshimoto executive officer that presided over the launch of Monsuto was appointed president. And get all fired up to be "go spread (such as China) and overseas expansion is 2002". On the other hand, Pazudora of smartphone for was achieved 28 million downloads in the only country in May. Kazuki Morishita, president of Gung Ho Show confidence "Pazudora is not in the downward phase yet" he said. 

However, the figure of the ambush also flicker in the smartphone game for. I LINE. 9 title exceeded 10 million downloads of the game service in the "LINE GAME", gained popularity more than 43 million downloads "LINE POP" of this. 

Billing revenue also increases as the number of downloads is often Sumahogemu. For this reason, the game makers to introduce a huge advertising expenditures. However, it is recommended to know for the user play together, games LINE is growing at composition the download is extended. It's strength's serves as a "billboard" is the users themselves. 

The Sumahogemu industry voice of the "can not read at all what has been hit half a year destination" is also leaking from the game developers. It is not a wonder when even leading role change happening, of Monsuto "next" is becoming to affect the future composition of mixi.

「モンスト」でミクシィ急回復 利用者900万人突破、伏兵はLINE







 ただ、スマホ向けゲームでは伏兵の姿もちらつく。LINEだ。ゲームサービスの「LINE GAME」では9タイトルが1000万ダウンロードを突破し、このうち「LINE POP」は4300万ダウンロードを超える人気を集める。



革新あるか? 初代iPhone米国発売から7年

革新あるか? 初代iPhone米国発売から7年

7 years have passed today, since it was (in the context of today. Difference Fri 29 Jun 2007) first generation iPhone 2007 年 (GSM version) launched in the United States. Because there is no GSM network, six years have passed since the iPhone3G (gold) is also sold in the world in relation to the earliest of the time difference on Jul 11, 2008 next day in the Japanese market. 

Seven years since then, the world has changed a lot. Feature phones in Japan was the standard, which is also referred to masochistic Garake own and (Galapagos Mobile), Galapagos nation, smartphone came to be called by the abbreviation of its own just as a "smartphone". The earphone of white Sasari ears of the people, while listening to the iPod, the sight of the train, had a paper medium in hand (2008 in Japan) before 2007. It's books and magazines and newspapers. However, later, in the hands of the people, the transition to a "smartphone", while "viewing" a smartphone, you are Kyoji messenger and SNS games, news, such as LINE in hand. Even while they emerged in society realistic, always, attached straps on the side that is in the cloud in the "social" interest in mind. 

Anymore, and I feel it much without hearing even music in relation to battery, More people to silently read the screen without the earphones has increased. In addition, up to snatching an accident of "walk smartphone" occurs frequently, aimed at the "walk smartphone" have appeared. 

In iPhone3G of 2008 and the original iPhone in 2007, it was functional even copy and paste can not be. However, even where there is no Wi-Fi network, and paid apps and free apps, purchasing behavior that could not be a place that can be Internet access using the communication network of the carrier, only to purchase the music in itunes is, the application software no market, that Sumahoapuri also was born. Was a revolutionary, it was not structured face the stock, it is not even made package, by Apple to manage all distribution, sales of 70% would be credited to the programmer. Apple will exploit 30% (laughs). It is also the flow regardless also can be a private company, instead people who sell a tens of millions of yen individual was born, deflation of the application software was promoted at once. And, all, the mechanism of social structure that is fully controlled by Apple was formed. 

The software of Adobe, package business that Adobe Suites is hundreds of thousands of yen to collapse, it is no longer forced to transition to monthly billing model, Google that Android, to some extent, it created a mechanism of platform entrusted with degrees of freedom, I was changed to instead of MicroSoft was the nemesis of former Apple. 

Once, even that was in the outside directors of Apple's Eric Schmidt of the former CEO of Google, come visible as the fact that it is not impossible to do now. The IT industry, while shaking hands with the right hand, the left hand, aspects that are each other's beat is always accompanied. A rival, it is of an ecosystem that is the ally. 

Finally, and today rumors of iPhone6 ??also comes to be seen here and there well, these days .... 
I will, if you guess from the Release Date of the past, September 14 2014 (gold) per, I feel rich most are doing. 
All, Friday's the Release Date of iPhone past. 

iPhoneGSM: 29 月 06 日 2007 (Fri) 
iPhone3G: 11 月 07 日 2008 (Fri) 
iPhone3GS: 19 日 06, 2009 (Friday) 
iPhone4: 24 日 06, 2010 (Thursday) 
iPhone4S: 14 月 10 日 2011 (Fri) 
iPhone5: 21 月 09 日 2012 (Fri) 
September 20 iPhone5s & 5c2013 (Fri) 

Already, in the version rushes to the sixth generation, tablet and TV, which are connected to the HDMI terminal, a clock, also, that each category further, I wonder if coming generations of one day, to be aggregated? 

2007, as I write this column to me is, .... 

"I have been made ??to appear a new interface on the Macintosh" mouse ", in Newton," gesture ", the iPod" scroll wheel and touch wheel ", the iPhone called" Multi-Touch "" 

"While the mobile terminal manufacturers put a QWERTY keyboard, where the computer manufacturer, to adopt a soft keyboard is a unique idea" 

From the company name, "Apple has to truncate the computer, but the new-concept of" digital hub in the sense of .... Broad sense, such as that by the iPhone, and connecting the TV and the wireless LAN by. AppleTV can be connected to a PC mobile "but I started "


Soon, I think it not only evolution schedule of mere soaring,'s about time a drastic change is needed. Future that can be expected user Nantes uninteresting. Hopefully sincerely, not the idea of user demand, and I want you to hard sell to users with the ability of its own Apple. Rather, the future might be a era user API is released not by Apple to make creation.







iPhoneGSM: 2007年06月29日(金)
iPhone3G: 2008年07月11日(金)
iPhone3GS: 2009年06月19日(金)
iPhone4: 2010年06月24日(木)
iPhone4S: 2011年10月14日(金)
iPhone5: 2012年09月21日(金)









世界初「Android Wear」 開発メモ 搭載のスマートウォッチ「Gear Live」「LG G Watch」「Moto 360」が発表される

Googleは2014年6月26日に開催された「Google I/O 2014」で、以前発表されたウェアラブルプラットフォーム「Android Wear」ベースのスマートウォッチがサムスン電子、LG、Motorolaから発売されることを明らかにしました。

Press Release | Samsung Mobile Press


Media Resources | Samsung Mobile Press


LG G Watch | powered by android wear


Moto 360 by Motorola


Google I/O 2014


<Android> car, TV, wristwatch-type terminal ... OS expanded use 

The 25th, [Washington] Osamu plain rice Google announced a new service that utilize terminal for basic software such as smartphones (OS) to "Android", linking television and car, and wearable terminal. By utilizing these services, it is possible to operate in a smartphone all TV cars, and wrist watch-type terminals. Users of the Android is up to one billion people in the world, Google's aim to broaden the width of the service by linking a variety of terminal, the equipment, enclose the user. 

◇ Google, new services announced 

And "android Auto" was announced in the event that Google has opened in San Francisco "Android TV". The "Auto", by connecting the vehicle to a smartphone, will be able to listen to music or navigation panel screen center by the driver of this. Operation is also possible with voice, just put a voice destination I left the hand to the handle, and can receive road information automatically, the user in consideration for safety. Expected that car In cooperation with automobile manufacturers in the world, including the Nissan and Honda, corresponding to Android by the end of the year will be released. 

The "TV", make it work with some TV Android smartphone equipped, service to enjoy the shows and movies. To tell the program name towards the smartphone, enhanced the convenience of information, such as the performer of the program and is projected on the screen of the TV. 

In addition, Google has already announced of wearable handsets that can be worn like glasses and watch the "Android-wear". On this day, in the United States start taking reservations wristwatch-type terminal LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea is equipped with the OS. Features In cooperation with such a smartphone, it can be seen easily on the screen information such as arrival and departure of aircraft and weather forecast, you begin to sell it in Japan. 

Google announced "around the smartphone, using a terminal that can be connected to all, want to provide a seamless experience" and (company executives). Apple has also expanded the use of a smartphone, such as health care and the ability to operate the appliances and heating and cooling management, it is likely the key to competition in the future find ways to improve the convenience in daily life. 

◇ ◇ Android 

The U.S. smartphone Google has to offer, OS tablet devices for (basic software). "IPhone (iPhone)" while a dedicated, Android can be equipped in the terminal of any manufacturer in the U.S. The company's Apple "iOS". 2008 In the United States, equipped smartphone was released in 2009 in Japan. According to U.S. research firm IDC, OS another world share of smartphone of '13 Android 78.6%, iOS15.2%. On the other hand, in Japan, are Seria~tsu Android 54%, and iOS46%.








グーグル対応車、来年発売 ホンダ、スマホと接続

Connection Google-cars, Honda released next year, with smartphone 

I found the 26th that Honda will launch in the U.S. in 2015, a vehicle that supports in-vehicle terminal for software [San Francisco] joint U.S. IT giant Google has developed the "Android Auto". To improve the usability of navigation and call it in concert with the smartphone. There is also aim to prevent accidents that occur while operating a smartphone during a run. 

Connect the vehicle terminal incorporating the smartphone using the (OS) Android operating system of Google "Android Auto", to operate on the screen of the in-vehicle terminal. Phone book that is stored in the smartphone is displayed, you can make a phone call simply by touching the screen, you can call without releasing the handle from both hands.
グーグル対応車、来年発売 ホンダ、スマホと接続



 世界初「Android Wear」搭載のスマートウォッチ「Gear Live」「LG G Watch」「Moto 360」が発表される


米グーグルが腕時計型端末発売へ 7月、各国で一部の予約開始

米グーグルが腕時計型端末発売へ 7月、各国で一部の予約開始
July to a wristwatch-type terminal release, the U.S. Google reservation start of some countries 

The 25th, [San Francisco] joint U.S. IT giant Google has announced a three wristwatch-type terminal as the first company. LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea, Motorola undertakes the manufacturing, respectively. Made by LG has started accepting reservations through the Internet in various countries such as Japan and the United States of this. 22,900 yen in Japan, the price will be released in July at $ 229 in the United States. 

By the type to watch, was to be seen quickly by the user information such as incoming phone calls or emails want to know frequently. Outlook to be released in October Apple has also developed a wristwatch-type terminal, increased competition's inevitable. 

Reservation of Samsung also begin near accepted in Japan.
米グーグルが腕時計型端末発売へ 7月、各国で一部の予約開始